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    Digital Art Marketplace CO2ign to Host Art Livestream Recognizing Earth Overshoot Day

    Last Friday, digital art marketplace CO2ign Art announced a plan to host their first livestream event to benefit environmental causes and artists. The event will take place on July 29 with live art being created beginning at 9 AM PST/12 PM EST. Artists including Tycho Dwelis and Pypah Santos will be streaming live on Twitch and YouTube, creating art throughout the day for fans to see.

    The CO2ign Art platform provides a new way for digital artists to sell their work while helping the environment at the same time. Thirty percent of proceeds goes directly to the artists and fifty percent funds carbon reduction projects. CO2ign Art will donate the remaining twenty percent to an environmental non-profit.

    “We chose to hold our very first event recognizing Earth Overshoot Day as a reminder that humanity is using up more resources than the earth generates,” said Carly Rector, CEO and Chief Architect of CO2ign Art. “The livestream will provide an opportunity for artists to showcase their works, while also protecting the environment and raising awareness for eco-friendly causes.”

    For more information about the livestream and to RSVP for the event, please visit https://www.co2ign.com/stream/ or follow CO2ign on Twitter and Instagram.

    About CO2ign Art:

    CO2ign Art was founded in 2021 with a mission to support artists and protect the earth. Through its innovative non-NFT platform, CO2ign Art offers users proof-of-purchase with a digital signature. CO2ign Art avoids the energy costs of NFTs, and the material and shipping costs of print sales. Plus, 50% of the list price of CO2ign Art goes towards carbon credits, which are used to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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    Apollo Art Auctions’ July 24 Sale Features Magnificent Antiquities, Ancient and Asian Art

    500-lot auction features Egyptian ‘sickle sword,’
    Imsety human-head canopic jar, Ancient Roman jewellery, Chalcidian helmets, medieval silver-gilt dish with niello lion, Sumerian pictograph tablet

    A museum-quality selection of expertly appraised antiquities, ancient and Asian artworks, jewellery and weaponry will be offered by Apollo Art Auctions on Sunday, July 24, starting at 12 noon BST (7 a.m US Eastern Time). The 500-lot sale will be conducted live at Apollo’s elegant London gallery, with international participation cordially welcomed via phone, absentee bid, or live online through LiveAuctioneers.

    The sale is divided into four sections encompassing a broad range of well provenanced artifacts from Europe, Egypt and the Near East, as well as many prized items from India and China. Bidders may choose from a wealth of unique treasures with provenance from such noted collections as those of Captain Magnus Julius Davidsen, Alison Barker, and John Lee – all names of great distinction in the realm of antiquities. All pieces chosen for the auction have been vetted by a team of world-renowned ancient art experts, including Laetitia Delaloye, Emma Saber, James Brenchley, Sami Fortune, and Apollo Art Auctions’ founder, Dr Ivan Bonchev (PhD, University of Oxford).

    Egyptian relics include a rare and most unusual khopesh “sickle sword,” circa 1550-1070 B.C. It is 556mm long and similar to a sword appearing in the book The Art of Warfare in Biblical Lands. With provenance from the Alan Baidun collection and accompanied by a professional historical report from Ancient Report Specialists, its estimate is £45,000-£50,000 ($54,120-$60,135).

    From Egypt’s New Kingdom period, circa 1550-1070 BC, a wood canopic jar is finely modeled in the form of a human-headed Imsety, one of the Four Sons of Horus and guardian of the liver. The jar displays three columns of hieroglyphs enhanced with black pigment. Its inscription, in part, invokes an offering of “bread, oxen and fowl.” Ex Captain Magnus Julius Davidsen (1877-1962) collection, the vessel is estimated at £7,500-£15,000 ($9,020-$18,040).

    More than 80 lots of Ancient Greek, Byzantine and Hellenistic artifacts will be presented, including pottery, sculptures, gold jewellery, and weapons of war. A fine circa-400 BC Chalcidian helmet was forged in one piece with high-arched eyebrows below a peaked, raised band, and with a teardrop-shape nose guard. Similar to an example in The Walters Art Museum collection, it is estimated at £6,000-£9,000 ($7,215-$10,825).

    Approximately four dozen pieces of Roman jewellery were chosen for the auction, including necklaces, pendants on chains, gemstones, wearable earrings, and gold rings set with stunning gems. A hollow gold ring with a richly hued, D-shape garnet intaglio depicting the god Mercury carrying a caduceus has undergone XRF analysis and has a £10,000-£15,000 ($12,030-$18,045) estimate.

    An exquisitely modeled medieval Western European silver-gilt dish, circa 1200-1400 A.D., is likely Limoges and from the Limousin region of France. The center tondo is delicately crafted in niello inlay gilded with a mythological animal, possibly a lion. With similarities to a dish in The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection, it is estimated at £20,000-£30,000 ($24,055-$36,080).

    Apollo Art Auctions’ July 24, 2022 live gallery sale at 25 Bury Place, Bloomsbury, London, will commence at 7 a.m. US Eastern Time/12 noon BST. Bid absentee or live online through LiveAuctioneers. GBP, USD and EUR accepted. Worldwide shipping; all packing handled in-house by white-glove specialists. Tel. +44 7424 994167, email info@apollogalleries.com. Online: www.apolloauctions.com

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    State of Yucatan Launches the Year of Yucatan Gastronomy

    2022 Will Be Dedicated to Increasing Awareness of the State’s Culinary Offerings

    The state of Yucatan’s Ministry of Tourism (SEFOTUR) will launch a new campaign aiming to increase awareness of the state’s culinary offering, rich cultural history, and current modern gastronomy as an important part of its tourism offering.  Position the state as one of Mexico’s foodie destinations to expand tourism to all regions of the state and develop new products. Starting on June 18, the World Day of Sustainable Gastronomy, and promoting under the hashtag #YucatanIsFlavor, the campaign highlights the recipes, ingredients, and gastronomic experiences of the Yucatan.

    “The Year of Yucatecan Gastronomy” places our food as part of the axis of our promotional campaign,” said Michelle Fridman, Minister of Tourism. “The Yucatan’s history goes back to the big bang and forward to the Maya to today. There is no better way to narrate the identity and history of Yucatan than in its flavors and gastronomy.”

    Yucatán gastronomy is culturally rich in traditions that bring together Maya, Spanish, Caribbean, Dutch, and Lebanese influences. It mixes ingredients such as corn, tomato, honey, and beans, with endemic products such as habanero chili, sour orange, and the popular Achiote, used to create a red paste called recado that is used in tamales and over proteins, most popularly wild turkey and pig.

    Some of the more traditional dishes of the state of Yucatan include Sopa de Lima (chicken broth seasoned with local Yucatecan lime), Huevos Motuleños (tortilla with beans and fried eggs), and the Cochinita Pibil (pork marinated in Achiote paste and sour orange juice and cooked in an underground pit). Visitors to the state will find these dishes served at posh haciendas converted into restaurants or hotels, others may take a meal in the home of the living Maya while visiting the southern part of the state and the PUUC route.

    Modern Yucatan offers of one Mexico’s trendiest foodie scenes spanning across its six regions and including rooftop dining in Valladolid, beach clubs in Progreso and Mezcal tastings in the yellow city of Izamal. Its capital, Merida, is home to traditional cantinasmodern restaurants, and mixologists.

    As part of “the Year of Yucatecan Gastronomy” campaign, SEFOTUR will make special alliances. Beginning with commitments the state, to work with the many municipalities to promote their own culinary offerings to state-wide initiatives to fund and promote events such as Restaurant Week, the first-time editions of festivals promoting its honey, tacos and recados. The ministry will also work with local chefs as  “Gastronomic Ambassadors of Yucatan” to further promote the campaign across platforms. International organizations like the UNWTO, the Gastronomic Tourism Laboratory (IICA), and the Aspen Institute will also be tapped to join the initiative.

    “Gastronomic tourism has a very strong element of sustainability, like the actions we have taken efforts in, it is an exertion that seeks to include, diversify, decentralize… that seeks the endemic, the organic, the authentic, being a very noble segment, and in the state of Yucatan, we have a great diversity of ingredients and dishes, we have a gastronomic narrative that few destinations in the world have, from Mayan techniques and ingredients and the different migrations to the footsteps of other cultures in the region”.

    She added that this type of tourism will allow, in the year of economic recovery, to bring benefits to the communities that need it the most, since in these areas is where many of the ingredients and supplies that are consumed in the restaurants are produced.

    The Yucatan is Flavor campaign follows the ministry’s 365 Days of Yucatan campaign which took place between 2021 and 2022 during which time 365 tourism products were promoted to local, national, and international visitors, many developed in an effort to increase tourism.

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    Happy 4th of July from San Diego Local Little Artists!

    Happy 4th of July !

    These artworks are made by Lulu’s students from US Arts Education Center in San Diego. These little artists from top left to bottom right are Bethica, Katie, Olivia, Julie, Ellen and Carol. They are only 5-8 years old. They are so talented and use their own way to celebrate 4th of July.

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    Big shoutout to all the graduates of the Class of ‘22!

    Graduation season is here, and it’s time to celebrate your loved ones’ achievements! Thinking of graduation gifts can sometimes be tricky, but Collage.com has it covered for you.

    They offer ideal and versatile tools to capture your graduate’s favorite memories and turn them into photos. Graduation is an exciting time, but also can mean a lot of change, so there is no better gift than photos that they can take on their next adventure. Whether your graduate is staying close by or going far, photographs are the perfect reminder of home, family, and friends. With gift guides, collections, and even the option to create a customized project, Collage.com will take away any extra stress and make gift-giving easy, fun, and fast! They also offer deals for new users to save 60% off and up to 70% off various products, including free shipping!

    If you’re looking for the perfect gift for graduation, Collage.com is the best choice. With hundreds of prints, accessories, bags, blankets, etc, there is everything you need to make your loved one feel special and give them a life long gift.
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    First Art Book Documenting the Most Prolific American Painter of All Time

    Merge Records co-founder & Superchunk singer/guitarist Mac McCaughan interviews SK for Talkhouse
    “Play “Cut Your Hair” as you read…this is a great book about a great artist. His paintings sell out, but he never has…one of the season’s outstanding art books.” – Bookforum

    “This guy must be the most prolific artist of all time.” – artist Shepard Fairey

    “[Keene is an] assembly line Picasso” – TIME

    “By some measures, Mr. Keene […]
    is one of the most successful artists in the world.” –
    New York Times

    “Whether they realize it or not, most rock fans of the past 20-odd years, 
    especially indie rock fans, already know the work of artist Steve Keene.” – Variety

    “This is a wonderful book…
    it’s a real keeper, it’s a work of art itself.” – Jim DeRogatis, Sound Opinions

    “A ’90s icon of contemporary art in his own right, 
    Keene’s work remains revered well into the 21st century.” – Consequence

    “Warhol claimed he wanted to be a machine,
    but Keene IS a machine.” – artist Ryan McGinness

    “…slapdash yet distinctive. The brushstrokes thick, the figures he replicates en masse
    compelling and relatable.” – Brooklyn Magazine

    Last Tuesday of June 14th, The Steve Keene Art Book (#SKartBook) — the highly anticipated, first ever published collection featuring the work of one of America’s most beloved and affordable artists, Steve Keene — is out via Hat & Beard and Tractor Beam. Documenting arguably the most prolific and collected American artist of all time, the book arrives after a successful Kickstarter campaign with over 600 backers, and has seen support from Forbes, Variety, Billboard, Consequence, Sound Opinions and beyond. Nearly the same size as the LPs that Keene is so very fond of, The Steve Keene Art Book is more than simply a love letter to the prominent vinyl fan and cultural icon.

    Perhaps best-known for his deep ties to the 90s indie rock scene — thanks to work with Pavement, The Apples in stereo, The Silver Jews, Bonnie “Prince” Billy and more — Keene is a legend amongst music and art fans both for his vibrant, automated style, and his everyman prices of just $5 – $10 per painting. After producing over 300,000 hand-painted original pieces over the last 30+ years, he’s earned his reputation as the art world’s “Johnny Appleseed,” allowing thousands to become art collectors and challenging the notion that “good art” has to be expensive art along the way.

    Produced by Daniel Efram over a span of six years, The Steve Keene Art Book came to fruition from efforts to document a 2016 exhibition at legendary artist Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects gallery, but expanded to include original works sent in from dozens of Keene collectors and Kickstarter supporters. The book includes long-form essays and insight into Keene’s life, space and process from rock stars like Chan Marshall (Cat Power), Will Oldham, and members of Superchunk, as well as anecdotes and personal stories from artists like Ryan McGinness and Fairey, journalists, collectors, art-world insiders and devoted fans around the world. Alongside a dazzling collection of 277 of Keene’s works, Efram takes readers into Keene’s utilitarian chain-link “painting cage” for an all-access pass into the artist’s fascinating systemic technique.
    For more about Steve or to see some of his work, click on this video documentary playlist: https://bit.ly/3KFzebN

    Specific details of book:
    $95 // Hardcover // 264 pages
    Published by Hat & Beard and Tractor Beam
    Official Pub Date: June 14 / Available online only via Hat & Beard https://bit.ly/3IsEfCu

    From July 28 August 12, Steve Keene will also be making his return to Los Angeles for his first art show since 2019 at the newly opened Palm Grove Social (1902 S. Palm Grove Ave. Los Angeles, 90016), curated by Hat & Beard Press.

    The multi-room exhibit will include both new and old artworks from various collections, and will feature selections from the personal libraries of Efram and The Apples in stereo’s Robert Schneider and Eric Allen. Plus, in much the same way that the book was curated, LA locals are invited to post their Steve Keene collections on Instagram with the tag #SKartBook #SKartShow in order to be considered for having their pieces included in the show.

    Keene’s long-awaited return to Los Angeles follows the show that proved to be the inspiration behind the book: his 2016 “Modular Synthesis” month-long stay at Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects gallery, where Keene sold 550 pieces on opening night and saw lines stretch out the door and around the corner in Echo Park.

    Photo Credit: Daniel Efram 
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