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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Art by Lulu Yueming Qu

    Hummingbird darts lightly through the world, spreading its message of joy and beauty,
    and teaching us to appreciate the wonder and magic of everyday existence.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

    – Heydoyou team

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    Cozying up to the season with Bee Inspired Autumn Harvest Luxe Candle!

    Light up your autumn nights with Bee Inspired new Autumn Harvest Luxe Candle! Experience the cozy embrace of pumpkin patches, bonfires, and chilly evenings with its delightful blend of pumpkin, spices, honey, and black walnut. Sustainable and seasonal!

    The Home Fragrance candle collection, hand crafted and poured with love in Bee Inspired Honey House! Bee Inspired candles provide just the right amount of scent to fill your home with light, love, and a cozy warm feeling. Bee Inspired craft each item with expertly blended fragrances that will tantalize your senses. Whether you’re looking for a scented candle specifically formulated for relaxation or an invigorating fragrance to bring energy and life into your space, you’ll find it in Bee Inspired unique collection.

    Bee Inspired candle range is perfect for setting the perfect mood during any occasion. Enjoy an evening of relaxation with calming scents like lavender or pick something more uplifting like citrus and pine for a party. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors,Bee Inspired candles will fill the air with luxurious aromas that will delight family and friends alike! Hand-poured with only pure, American-grown soy wax, Bee Inspired candles brighten your home and create a cozy atmosphere with decadent fragrances. Always free from dyes, phthalates, and petrochemicals! Bee Inspired package Their candles in 100% recyclable vessels.

    Double Espresso Luxe Candle

    “This Bee Inspired Double Espresso candle is like taking a big whiff of your morning cuppa Joe with plenty of milk and sugar.”*

    The rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee will trick you every time when you burn this Double Espresso Luxe Candle. Designed for true coffee lovers, this delightful candle infuses your favorite space to chill with the sweet notes of double espresso while conjuring memories of your favorite coffee shop.


    Crafted from eco-friendly soy wax and a cotton wick, it offers a long-lasting phthalate-free fragrance that’s gentle on the environment. Create a warm, inviting ambiance in your kitchen with this must-have candle. Treat yourself or surprise a coffee enthusiast in your life. Allow the comforting scent of coffee to envelop your senses as you sit back, relax, and savor the moment. Top seller in Bee Inspired retail store. *Quote from Pure Wow!

    • Buy any 3 candles & automatically save 15%
    • Hand-poured in the USA
    • Made with 100% soy wax
    • 75-hour burn time
    • 10oz

    Made with 100% American-grown soy wax, our artisan-crafted Farm to Home candles are phthalate-free, clean burning, delightfully scented, and hand-poured into reusable vessels. These exquisite quality gifts are both beautiful and functional, good for our Earth, and sustain a purpose for years to come in many forms.

    Fragrance: Freshly-brewed coffee.

    Burn Time: Up to 75 hours.

    Ingredients: 100% soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance oil and cotton wick

    A Catalyst for Exponential Kindness

    Every time you give a gift, you’re already doing good. But what if your gift was also a catalyst for multiplying kindness beyond that one recipient? Bee Inspired founder, Kara Brook Brown, has merged her passions for art and philanthropy into a company that brings health, light, and color to the world through natural and unique products.

    Bee Inspired are broadening their line of artisanal gifts so that every moment means more.

    You GIVE a Bee-yond the Moment gift to a loved one to celebrate an occasion, express gratitude, or simply create a wellness experience for yourself.

    You GET a complimentary gift, because self-care makes you a better you. And not just during a special promotion or season. Bee Inspired can even ship the purchased gift direct to your recipient, and they will receive that little something extra as a cherry on top of your thoughtfulness.

    Bee Inspired GRANT a portion of the proceeds to one of their nonprofit partners who multiply that kindness, so that every purchase has a positive ripple effect. That’s right, every one of your gift purchases makes an impact. Not just one product and not just during a particular month of the year.

    It’s as simple as that.

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    Lynn & Liana Designs: A Symphony of Resin Elegance for Unforgettable Holiday Hosting

    As the holiday season approaches, the art of hosting takes center stage, and Lynn & Liana Designs invites you to infuse your gatherings with a touch of sophisticated charm. Their exquisite resin serveware collection is a testament to the seamless union of functionality and artistic allure, creating an ambiance that turns every occasion into a celebration of style.

    Resin Trays: Start your journey into the world of Lynn & Liana’s resin serveware with their captivating trays. These functional pieces of art not only make a striking statement as they serve up festive treats but also double as the perfect canvas for showcasing your seasonal decor. The organic patterns and vibrant colors embedded in the resin create a visual feast, elevating your holiday table to a new level of elegance.

    Cheese Boards: Delve into the curated collection of resin cheese boards that Lynn & Liana Designs has to offer. Picture the delight on your guests’ faces as they indulge in a selection of fine cheeses, beautifully presented on these unique and tastefully crafted boards. The resin’s captivating patterns add an extra layer of sophistication to your holiday cheese platter, making it a focal point of your celebrations.

    Coasters & Accessories: Impress your guests with Lynn & Liana’s coasters and accessories, practical yet sophisticated elements that protect your surfaces while adding a touch of glamour to your holiday gatherings. These intricately designed pieces not only serve a functional purpose but also become exquisite accents, enhancing the overall holiday ambiance. Imagine a festive toast accompanied by the clinking of glasses on these artistic coasters.

    Unique Gift Sets: The joy of giving is magnified with Lynn & Liana’s thoughtfully curated resin serveware bundle sets. Whether you’re gifting a set of The Marble Bundle or The Caribbean Blue Bundle, these artistic serveware is designed to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. The artful presentation adds an extra layer of delight, making them perfect for spreading holiday cheer.

    My choice – Baguette Acacia Boards

    These pieces blend gorgeous Acacia hardwood and an eco-friendly epoxy to create a one-of-a-kind piece of serveware for your home. These baguette boards are perfect for serving a group of 3-5 people.

    A great gift for housewarmings, weddings or maybe just a treat for yourself. Serve your favorite snacks for a girls night in, a date night with your spouse or for a get together with friends. The baguette board is perfect for serving sushi, baguettes, bruschetta, kebabs and more. We can only imagine the beautiful spreads you’ll create with your new baguette board!

    These cheese boards and serving trays now come in beautiful Lynn & Liana black gift boxes to make your gift presentation even more spectacular!

    Dimensions Including Handle: 5″W x 24″L x 5/8″H.


    Hand wash all items with a cloth and warm soapy water. Dry with a towel and allow item to fully air dry overnight. None of Lynn & Liana’s products should be placed in the dishwasher or washing machine.

    To keep your cheese and bread board looking new, Lynn & Liana recommends rubbing a food safe oil onto the wooden surface monthly or as needed. Food safe oils include, the in house Lynn & Liana wood oil, walrus oil, osmo oil or any other form of food safe mineral oil. You can purchase Lynn & Liana’s recommended cutting board oil on the shop now page!

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    2023 La Jolla Art & Wine Festival was a phenomenal success!

    The 2023 La Jolla Art & Wine Festival was a phenomenal success! They extend their heartfelt gratitude to the incredible community that unites annually to celebrate the Arts and support five esteemed local public schools: La Jolla Elementary, Birdrock Elementary, Torrey Pines Elementary, Muirlands Middle School, and La Jolla High School.

    Every dollar raised at the festival directly contributes to vital school programs, encompassing art, music, science, PE, technology, and on-site medical care. Since its inception, the Festival has raised an astonishing sum, surpassing $1 million for our schools! This remarkable achievement was made possible by your unwavering support and enthusiasm.

    A heartfelt thank you goes out to these local businesses for their generous support and sponsorship. Many of them not only contributed their time and products during the event but also went the extra mile to spread the word about our festival to their valued customers and clients. Let’s come together in expressing our gratitude and continuing to support these local businesses!

    Piazza 1909

    Geppetto’s Toys

    Grande Colonial

    Karen Bowman

    Krista Schumacher

    La Jolla Open Aire Market

    Mangelsen Images of Nature




    • Festival Sponsors: Be a vital part of La Jolla’s favorite annual community event in 2024! Reach out to info@lajollaartandwinefestival.com for upcoming sponsorship opportunities. Join us in making the festival an outstanding success!


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    Museum’s Instagram Post Incites Artist to Quit Board and Found the Nation’s First Museum for Non-Political Art

    Artist Leah Schrager has resigned from MOCA-Tucson’s Board of Directors after the museum shared an Instagram post that mentioned Israel’s “settler colonial oppression” and its “genocide of Palestinian peoples on occupied lands.” Shortly after resigning, Schrager announced the founding of The Museum for Non-Political Art, or MONA, whose mission is to fund and show art that is curated, discussed, and presented without any concern for or reference to the politics of the art or artist. It can be found at monaworld.org.

    Leah Schrager, MONA Founder

    “I moved to Tucson after living in NYC for 14 years in the hopes of finding an art scene that hasn’t been over-run by politics, but unfortunately I’ve learned it’s the same everywhere. Art should unite us, yet this country’s arts institutions divide us by choosing art based on its politics while pretending they’re unbiased. Now, to use their own language, I am calling for American arts institutions to be decolonized of political advocacy.”

    Schrager’s decision joins a string of controversies at universities in recent days. Donors to Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania are cutting their ties to the schools in protest of administrators’ response to speeches and events on campuses in the wake of Hamas’s terror attacks.

    But the response, or lack of, to the attacks is now resounding through the art world as well. The Instagram account, A Hug From the Art World, run by Adam Cohen, director at Gagosian Gallery, recently posted, “the unequivocal silence of my collective arts community is deafening #neveragain.” Further, in an “Open Letter from the Art Community to Cultural Organizations,” published in Art Forum last week, thousands of artists signed their names in support of the Palestinians while denouncing Israel.

    Yet as MONA’s Instagram points out, “while many institutions have declined to speak out against the massacre of over 1400 Israelis by hiding behind claims that they don’t comment on politics, those same institutions spoke out ceaselessly on the single death of George Floyd.” Schrager believes this double standard needs to come to light: “People think they’re giving to arts organizations but are in fact giving to political organizations fronting as arts organizations. MONA’s mission will be to encourage institutions to admit this so donors can see where their money is going.”

    According to Schrager, the reason this time is the “emperor has no clothes” moment and is different from Black Lives Matter is telling. With BLM, donors and artists were united, so arts organizations broadcast their views. Now, the organizations are caught in the middle. “The vast majority of artists are anti-Israel, but a significant number of deep-pocketed donors are pro-Israel. Hence the sudden and deceptive assertions by these organizations that they are non-political,” Schrager says.

    Museum of Non-Political Art

    MONA’s mission makes clear that all sides should be free to express themselves, but the organization was founded to call attention to the fact that arts institutions overwhelmingly support one side on any given issue through their endemic curation of radical left creators and that this bias is contributing to the fracturing of American democracy. “In my view, the systemic failure of these institutions whose objective should be to engage all Americans in the transcendent experience of art is edging toward the criminal,” Schrager says.

    As Schrager points out, “the multi-billion-dollar arts funding machine has financed only one side for decades, resulting in the current predicament. Arts organizations in America have become Democratic party money-laundering fronts that funnel cash into the hands of liberal artists while silencing and ending the careers of those who think differently. That’s why I started MONA. It’s what the art world, and the world in general, needs now.

    Schrager hopes that MONA events and shows will begin popping up across the country and that the MONA movement will instigate a seismic art world shift. The MONA website clarifies some specifics of this shift: “Artistic directors will be hired because they present the universal, not the political, in art. Artists will be chosen for their aesthetic skill, not for their place in identity politics. And true diversity and inclusion will become the norm for arts institutions, as Americans of all ideological stripes feel welcome, heard, and represented.”

    “I was aware of how arts organizations had become political action committees, and it had always bothered me because I think art should offer a contemplative refuge from the ever-present noise of politics, but the way in which they all handled the Israeli massacre pushed me to the brink,” says Schrager. “My mission is now to support non-political art through MONA, and since we can finally all see the current art world for what it is, I hope others will join me.”

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    Atomic Museum to Launch Audio Tours

    Replica of the Trinity Gadget inside the Atomic Museum.
    (Photo Courtesy of Chris Wessling for the Atomic Museum)


    Audio Tours Available Beginning Friday, Oct. 27

    The Atomic Museum announces it launched audio tours featuring narrations from community partners and prominent figures within today’s nuclear industry. Launched on Friday, Oct. 27, audio tours include more than 20 markers visitors can scan throughout the museum’s gallery space to activate recordings developed by Guide-ID.

    Guests are able to experience narrations in the Trinity exhibit by Dorothy Oppenheimer Vanderford, granddaughter of J. Robert Oppenheimer; Major General Harencak, head of the Nevada National Security Sites; representatives from the Desert Research Institute; museum docents and trustees; and other community partners.

    Audio tours are available for $6 and can be purchased with museum admission at the box office. For more information on the Atomic Museum, visit atomicmuseum.vegas.

    The Atomic Museum is operated and maintained by its parent company, the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation (NTSHF), an IRS 501(c)3 charitable, non-profit organization chartered in Nevada. The Atomic Museum is one of 37 museums designated as an Affiliate Partner of the Smithsonian Institution and is a repository for one of the most comprehensive collections of nuclear history in the world. Covering nuclear history beginning with the first test at the Nevada Test Site on January 27, 1951, the Atomic Museum’s exhibitions and programming also address current affairs related to the nuclear industry.  For more information, go to atomicmuseum.vegas and follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.