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    YUM Maimonides Exhibit

    Maimonides, one of the greatest Jewish scholars in history, has influenced Jewish life for generations. The Golden Path exhibition contains an unprecedented collection of rare Maimonides documents and artifacts — some never before displayed in public — including manuscripts signed in his own handwriting and a carved 11th century door to the Torah Ark from Cairo’s Ben Ezra Synagogue. The Golden Path explores the life and impact of this philosopher, jurist, physician, scientist and communal leader, providing a deeper understanding for those familiar with Maimonides and a comprehensive introduction for those who are not.

    WHEN: Opens May 9, 2023
    Runs through December 31, 2023

    Museum Hours: Sun 11am-4pm; Mon-Wed 10am-4pm; Thurs 10am –7:30pm

    WHERE: Yeshiva University Museum (YUM)
    located in the Center for Jewish History building
    15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011


    MORE INFO: https://www.yu.edu/golden-path

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    Treat Mom to a feast for the eyes this Mother’s Day with Eye Origin New York’s stunning art gallery!

    In the city that never sleeps New Yorkers can step up their gift giving game after brunch this Mother’s Day with an immersive art experience courtesy of Eye Origin.

    Eye Origin combines macro, fine art, and commercial photography to produce stunning, high-quality, and unique photographs. With every human eye being different, carrying characteristics unique to that person, it’s not something that can be replicated. However, it is something that will intrigue the viewer and become a timeless piece of art.

    Please check out this video.

    Eye Origin’s technology can capture a person’s unique eye features, from the slightest wrinkles to specks of pigment. By carefully editing each individual’s iris which is made up of millions of colors that are all different shades and intensities they make it stand out as its own.This type of art is so distinctive that it draws everyone in and people want one to make their own mark in their homes. It’s an art piece that can never be repeated.

    With locations in Barcelona, Nice, Ibiza, and Antibes, Eye Origin is now in NYC located in Flatiron District and SoHo.

    The process:

    Book an appointment: https://eye-origin.us

    Visit the Gallery: At your appointment, Eye Origin will capture an image using unparalleled iris photography. The technology displays distinct features of the iris, which is made up of millions of colors of all different shades and intensities. After meticulous editing, the final image is breathtaking, singular only to the person whose eye it is.

    Choose your frame: Eye Origin pieces are framed professionally in-house and available in different finishes (acrylic and premium acrylic), frames (round, block or square) and sizes (from 8 to 47 inches).

    Receive your Eye Origin by mail: For convenience, Eye Origin provides worldwide shipping so you can open your masterpiece immediately and find the perfect place to elevate your interior. In addition, you receive a JPEG. file of your eye to save and share your own beauty anywhere.

    With no two pieces alike, each Eye Origin piece is an original work of art that is custom framed by the gallery. Pricing ranges from $149 for digital to $400 to $5,000 depending on size. Prints can be shipped globally for the benefit of world travelers, those who do not live in close proximity to the galleries and individuals who receive an Eye Origin piece as an unforgettable gift.

    To schedule an Eye Origin appointment at its New York City locations, visit the gallery online.

    For more information, visit the website and follow Eye Origin USA on Instagram.

    Addresses of Flatiron Location

    A 1-min walk from the Flatiron Building

    168 5th Ave

    New York, NY 10010

    Hours 11am-8pm

    Address of SoHo Location

    409 W Broadway

    New York, NY 10012

    Hours 11am-8pm

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    ArtReach San Diego Open House This Friday – Preview the art on bicycles one week early!

    Preview the bicycles one week early!

    ArtReach San Diego is hosting an open house at ArtReach HQ! Stop by our office in Bankers Hill for a VIP preview of the bicycles up close one week before ArtWalk. You won’t want to miss this chance to talk to the team, and learn more about the auction and about ArtReach. And don’t worry – if you see something you like, you can place a bid with ArtReach right then and there.

    🏠Open House at ArtReach HQ
    Friday, April 21st from 4-7 pm
    2399 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101
    *snacks and drinks will be provided*

    💻Online Auction
    Bid now through April 30th
    🔗link in bio: charityauction.bid/artreachauction

    ↪Want to skip the line? Find your favorite artists’ work and “buy it now!”

    ↪Not in the market for a bicycle or bicycle accessories? Donate to help ArtReach reach the goal of $21,000 by April 30th

    🎨Mission Fed ArtWalk
    Saturday, April 29th and Sunday, April 30th
    All art will be on display in the Piazza della Famiglia in Little Italy

    Thanks to Electra Bicycle for supporting the ArtReach mission and partnering with them for this fundraiser! Proceeds from this Charity Art Auction directly benefit ArtReach free programs for youth that do not otherwise have access to visual arts opportunities. Thank you for your support!

    Lulu Yueming Qu’s artwork on Electra Bicycle‘s helmet and bell.

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    Announcing UKRAINIAN PERSPECTIVES: PHOTOGRAPHY FROM THE 1940s–NOW, April 12 – May 5, 2023 at ChaShaMa in Chelsea



    Curated by Fred Ritchin and Ira Lupu

    Joint Multimedia Exhibition to Feature over 100 Images of Ukrainian Life and War through Contemporary and Archival Photography by International and Ukrainian Artists

    A Series of Live and Virtual Panel Discussions Will Take Place Featuring A Roster of Photographers, Curators, and Experts on Decolonization in the Arts, Influencers, and Frontline Volunteers

    An Accompanying Auction of Works on View Taking Place Through the Duration of the Exhibition to Benefit the Non-Profit Spilka in its Effort to Provide Relief and Mutual-Aid in Ukraine

    April 12 – May 5, 2023

    In Ukraine, Magnum Photos and Spilka are pleased to present Ukrainian Perspectives: Photography from the 1940s—Now, a joint photography multimedia exhibition at ChaShaMa at 227 W 29th Street in Chelsea. Accompanying the exhibition will be five live and online panel events covering a range of critical topics surrounding the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, the role of photography in today’s landscape, and decolonization in Ukrainian art. On April 12th, there will also be an auction of many of the works on view benefitting Spilka’s crucial relief work on the ground in Ukraine.

    This exhibition, curated by Fred Ritchin and Ira Lupu, offers a visual response to political pressures that have been shaping Ukrainian representation for centuries, reclaiming narrative control by offering a glimpse into the daily lives of Ukrainians from their own points of view. Ukrainian Perspectives gives unprecedented access to a combination of archival images of pre-2014 Ukraine and war coverage by Magnum photographers, photos of post-2014 everyday life from Ukrainian photographers, and projections from all groups of participants. The show explores Ukraine and Ukrainians beyond the parameters of war, giving viewers a window into the lives of the people not just surviving the present moment, but also shaping their future.

    The exhibition’s first floor will feature selected images taken in Ukraine post-2014 that will be available for sale as part of the Spilka auction. The photographs were selected through an open call to professional and amateur photographers by a jury of Ukrainian photo and art professionals (Lyolya Goldstein, Yaroslav Solop, Ira Lupu, Betty Roytburd, and Lena Shkoda). These Spilka-selected works will be displayed alongside archival (pre-2014) imagery by Magnum photographers in Ukraine, including rarely-seen works by Robert Capa, Herbert List, Martin Parr, Jim Goldberg, Carolyn Drake, Thomas Dworzak, etc. Depicting everyday life in Ukraine in different moments of the 20th century, the exhibition explores a range of topics, from the displacement of indigenous Crimean Tatars and the Second World War to nature, human relationships, and everyday life. A collection of Ukrainian publications and war-related books and zines will also be on view and available for sale. On the second floor is a special installation merging photography, video, and sound by professional Ukrainian photographers who participated in the 2022 exhibition, In Ukraine, (including Sasha Maslov, Yelena Yemchuk, and Elena Subach) and coverage of the current conflict by several Magnum photographers (including Antoine D’Agata, Emin Özmen, Jerome Sessini, Paolo Pellegrin, Sabiha Çimen, among others). Some of these works will be shown as projections with a dedicated soundtrack.

    Ira Lupu, co-curator of In Ukraine and Magnum Photos section with Fred Ritchin states: “In 2022 when the full scale-invasion began, tens of thousands of Ukrainians had to pick up jobs they never intended to do. As a Ukrainian, I felt the best thing I could do was to help familiarize Western audiences with the broader context of this war and Ukraine as a country — through contemporary and historical photography and the arts. A year later, the war in Ukraine still rages, but the world’s attention is fading. As the focus continues to shift away from Ukraine despite the mounting death toll, the opportunity to join forces with Magnum Photos and Spilka at this beautiful ChaShaMa space feels more crucial than ever. The work of professional and amateur Ukrainian lens-based artists converges with the “witnessing” stance of celebrated Magnum photographers, offering an unprecedented, solidified vision of pre-war and wartime Ukraine from both ‘insider’ and ‘outsider’ points of view.”

    Fred Ritchin, co-curator: “Photography has long provided eyewitness accounts of wars and other horrors. The question now is to what extent these images by insiders and outsiders can impact the future of Ukraine. Can they bring enough awareness, painful as it might be, to motivate a more sustained and accelerated pursuit of peace? At the very least, they serve as necessary witnesses to one of the great tragedies of our time.”

    Betty Roytburd, artist, curator, and co-founder of Spilka: “Since February 2022, Ukraine has consistently been in the international news, and many people have learned about our country’s existence only by seeing Ukraine’s people fight to defend it. News about Ukraine was  supported by a vast array of photographic evidence documenting the atrocities and destruction taking place. The Spilka open call invited people to share personal narratives of Ukraine through photos taken after 2014, the year of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its annexation of Crimea. As the war rages on, we want to share these images which portray a distinctly Ukrainian reality in order to preserve our own narratives and the unique history of our beloved country. Alongside the incredible historical archive provided by Magnum Photos and the powerful project In Ukraine, organized by Fred Richtin and Ira Lupu, we hope that this three-part exhibition will shed light on the wonderful nuances of the Ukrainian experience and will raise awareness about the ongoing war. We are excited to lend our voices and hope you will be compelled to listen along with us.

    ChaShaMa in Chelsea at 227 W 29th Street (Between 7th and 8th Avenues), New York, NY 10001

    On April 12th, Spilka, Magnum Photos, and In Ukraine will host an Opening Reception from 5:00 – 9:00 pm ET at ChaShaMa Gallery, 227 W 29th Street, New York, NY 10001. The event will feature performances by Valeriia Vovk (producer, arranger, composer, and singer from Odessa, Ukraine) and Eugene Hütz (Ukrainian-born singer, composer, disc jockey, actor, and frontman of Gogol Bordello).

    The Opening Reception kicks off an auction that will run until the exhibition closes on May 5, 2023. Proceeds from the auction will benefit Spilka’s crucial relief work on the ground in Ukraine. The auction will launch on Bidsquare.com on Wednesday, April 12. RSVP below to receive a notification when the auction goes live.

    Space is limited; to RSVP visit https://UkrainianPerspectivesOpening.eventbrite.com.


    RSVP Required. Registration links to be available soon.  

    SAINTS: Presentation and Artist Talk About Sasha Maslov’s Upcoming photo book about the Everyday Heroes of Ukraine 
    Speaker: Sasha Maslov, Moderated by Christian Borys and Violetta Petrova

    Participants will discuss insights from the process of creating a photobook during crisis, merging boundaries between internet culture and photography during the war, and how war creates conditions for and necessitates unusual collaborations, both in the creative field and the frontlines. (April 14, ChaShaMa Space at 227 W 29th St.) 

    War on the Internet / Memeing through War: A Discussion by Saint Javelin’s Social Media Lead Violetta Petrova and Cultural Critic and Musician Aloiso Wilmoth
    The participants will discuss memes as means to express trauma through humor and irony, links between their ability to “hack” the attention of bystanders online, witnessing conflict online, insider/outsider perspective when learning and communicating about the war. (April 15, ChaShaMa Space)

    Can Photography Still be Helpful in the world? A Discussion with Magnum Photographers, Moderated by Fred Ritchin
    What impact do all these many images of contemporary events in Ukraine have on the world, whether the images are made by Ukrainians or by foreign photojournalists? Are there certain kinds of images that lead to greater understanding rather than a repetition of the spectacle of violence? (May 4, Magnum Foundation)

    Decolonization in Ukrainian Culture and Art
    How do we address colonization in how Ukrainian culture is presented in academic and cultural institutions in and outside of Ukraine? Moderated by Spilka’s co-founder Betty Roytburd. Confirmed guests include Olexii Kuchanskiy, Bayryam Bayryamali, Oksana Semenik, and Lisa Korneichuk. (April 28, Online)

    Territories Are People
    Volunteers of the international organization “Helping to Leave” talk about the complexities of evacuation from occupied territories and human rights violations since the beginning of the full-scale war, and the Ukrainian POC refugee crisis. Moderated by Terrell J Starr. (April 20, Online)

    In Ukraine was co-founded and curated by Ira Lupu and Fred Ritchin. Ira Lupu is a Ukrainian photographer and artist. Fred Ritchin is a photography theorist, writer, educator, and dean emeritus of the International Center of Photography.

    In Ukraine is a traveling exhibition that opened in early March 2022, just a month after the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, in a small gallery in Brooklyn, the Gallery at Dobbin Mews. It has since traveled to London, The Hague, and Ljubljana and has received support from the Magnum Foundation and private donors. The exhibition has raised $10,000 for Ukrainian charities such as the Prytula Fund and the volunteer groups Livyj Bereh and Tu Mariupol and provides direct monetary support to its participating artists.

    The latest version of In Ukraine was shown in the bustling neighborhood of Wembley Park in London.

    Magnum Photos is a cooperative of acclaimed, independent photographers who share an ongoing commitment to documenting world events, people, places, daily life, and culture. Founded in 1947, Magnum Photos has been telling stories of the past, defining the present, and shaping the future through photography for over 75 years, united by its values of uncompromising excellence, truth, respect, and independence. With more than 6.6 million followers across the internet, and a rolling program of museum shows, exhibitions, and events across the globe, Magnum photographers continue to inspire a growing worldwide audience.

    Find out more at magnumphotos.com.

    Spilka was co-founded in February 2022 as an independent collective of artists and cultural workers based in New York City, dedicated to providing people in Ukraine with lifesaving resources and critical supplies in the face of the ongoing Russian invasion and war. Spilka functions as an inclusive relief network, organizing fundraising efforts and redistributing resources to those most impacted in times of crisis. Spilka’s organizing includes events such as music shows, film screenings, and collaborations with Ukrainian artists and cultural institutions as we offer support for their volunteer initiatives during the war. Our organization operates with full transparency as we fund and transfer grants directly to individuals in urgent need and to volunteer groups on the ground who are risking their lives to help those around them. Some of the organizations we support and work with include Cvit, Livyj Bereh, Metalab, Understructures, UEAF, Vostok SOS, Tu Mariupol, Kukhia, Khlib Dopomoga, and others. Our donations go directly toward food, shelter, medicine, transport, and safety.

    All photographs in the auction were taken after 2014 and illustrate the multitude of narratives that make Ukraine. The photographs were selected through an open call to professional and amateur photographers by a jury of Ukrainian photo and art professionals: Lyolya Goldstein, (curator, and owner of Bird in Flight magazine), and Yaroslav Solop, (artist, photography researcher, editor-in-chief of Booksha publishing, both based in Ukraine), as well as Ira Lupu, (artist, photographer, and co-founder of In Ukraine exhibition), Lena Shkoda, (artist, photographer, co-founder of Spilka, owner of Movement productions, and Betty Roytburd, (artist, curator, and co-founder of Spilka).

    For updates follow Spilka on Instagram.

    Since 1995, Chashama has partnered with property owners to transform unused real estate for 30,000 artists and over 150 small businesses, hosted 4,000 public art events, provided 1,500 classes in underserved communities, and reached audiences of nearly a million.

    The exhibition space was provided by ChaShaMa and was generously donated by KEW Management. Key partners: Magnum Foundation, Razom for Ukraine, Supreme Printing, PICTO NY, DYSTURB, Saint Javelin

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    2023’s Young Artists to Watch Jesse Liu on First Solo Art Exhibition in LA

    Chinese-American artist Jesse Liu has quickly become one of the most in-demand visual artists on the west coast, most recently opening her first Los Angeles solo-exhibit to over half her collection pre-sold beforehand. A graduate of the esteemed School of Visual Arts New York, Jesse’s moving exhibit Spring Fever is currently on display at the Asian/female-owned Yiwei Gallery (1350 Abbot Kinney, Venice, CA 90291) with a closing ceremony on Saturday, April 2nd. The closing ceremony will hold an Artist Talk with Jesse and LA Weekly Arts Editor and Art Critic Shana Nys Dambrot followed by a Movement Performance. We would love to set up an interview with Jesse to discuss her current exhibit and her big plans for the future. We would also love to invite you to the gallery to meet with Jesse and to attend the closing ceremony.

    SANTA MONICA MIRROR: https://smmirror.com/2023/03/emerging-artist-jesse-liu-opens-first-ever-exhibition-in-venice-gallery/

    ARTS AND COLLECTIONS: https://www.artsandcollections.com/jesse-lius-spring-fever-in-california/

    MEDIUM.COM: https://medium.com/authority-magazine/jesse-liu-5-things-i-wish-someone-told-me-when-i-first-became-an-artist-cb159f99aee7

    Liu’s mesmerizing paintings are illusionary – blending together her imagined world with small fragments of her personal memories and emotions. Her inspiration for each work comes from a fascination with the concept of memory, itself a product of subjective consciousness – memories are more about recording emotions at a specific moment rather than an object fact. When she paints, she connects her reflected moments to the present day. People who are lost in one reality appear in this painted one, longing or playing, hiding or seeking, uncomfortable or blissful.

    All of her paintings are of women, showing their mysterious sides in different environments and postures, while also highlighting their relationships with eachother. She primarily works with oil on canvas because it holds and stores and layers something important to her with each brush stroke. Her exhibit Spring Fever focuses on these women who are sparks of her own memories and experiences she has encountered mixed with the inner emotions and world that she has created.

    Growing up in Beijing, China, Liu came to South Carolina for high school, and then graduated from School of Visual arts, majoring in illustration. What interested her most was how to tell stories through visual representation which ultimately led her to finding her passion in painting allowing her free reign to express her emotions and inner world. As a person who is not good at expressing herself in words, painting became a bridge for her to communicate with the outside world.

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    KidsCrafts – crafting the next generation of mighty women.

    Kids Crafts is proud to celebrate Women’s History Month of Girl Child, a day that recognizes the distinctive needs of girls and encourages efforts for their empowerment. This year, we hope to see progress in empowering girls around the world! Let’s take a moment to celebrate the unique challenges girls face around the world and commit to working together to end gender inequality.

    Kids Crafts, this woman-owned company is on a mission to expose girls to the stories of mighty women who have trailblazed a path before them. Through these crafts, girls have the opportunity to learn the stories of these remarkable women and create a tangible keepsake to remind them to be a trailblazer and not a spectator.

    Make And Sell Poppin’ Paper Clips Craft Kit

    Ages 8+

    Transform her love for crafting into a profitable business with this Poppin’ Paper Clip Business in a Box! This kit includes everything she needs to create 45 unique and irresistible paper clips (6 sets) with tassels, pom poms, butterflies and more. Impress customers with pretty packaging and show off her creations on custom designed cardstock paper clip cards. But it’s not just about the crafting – this kit also comes with the InnovateHER™ Business Guide, a step-by-step workbook to help plan and run a successful business. Give her the gift of creativity and entrepreneurship with this fun and functional craft kit.

    This craft kit also includes pretty packaging so she can wow customers with a polished and professional-looking product. More than just a craft kit, with this business in a box, she’ll learn how to start selling with this Kids Crafts InnovateHER™ Business Guide. This workbook goes step-by-step through the process of how to start and run a successful business. Show her that crafting can be fun and profitable with this Poppin’ Paper Clip Business in a Box!

    Inside this kit is everything you need to create and sell 6 sets of decorative paper clip creations.

    • 45 gold paper clips
    • 6 Puffy embellishments
    • 6 Glitter globes
    • 6 Tassels
    • 6 Plastic glitter embellishments
    • 6 Butterflies
    • 10 Fancy ribbons
    • 10 Pom poms
    • 6 Custom designed cardstock paper clip cards (to sell your creations)
    • The InnovateHER™ Business Guide to help plan your biz from start to finish

    Discover like Maria Bead Stair Pom-Pom Mobile Craft Kit

    Ages 8+

    Ignite your child’s creativity with Kids Crafts Montessori-inspired pom-pom mobile kit. Based on Maria Montessori’s innovative education system, this mobile encourages self-discovery and exploration. Your child will have fun creating their own hanging art piece using colorful pom-poms and twine, just like the Montessori Bead Stairs. They can choose their own color scheme or follow the rainbow pattern. The finished product will serve as a daily source of inspiration and motivation. The kit includes everything needed for a successful project.

    She’ll build a mesmerizing hanging piece of art, inspired by the Montessori Bead Stairs, using colorful pom-poms and twine. She can arrange the pieces in a rainbow pattern or get creative and choose her own color scheme. When it’s complete, she’ll have a work of art she can hang somewhere to inspire her every day.

    Everything you need to create a colorful pom-pom mobile is inside. Each kit contains:
    • 1 Bamboo Ring
    • 1 Yarn Needle
    • Pom-poms in a variety of coordinating colors
    • String
    • Gold ring

    Kids Crafts™ believes every girl has the power to change the world. Crafts are more than beads, paint, or jewels — they’re the tools that inspire girls to embrace their creativity and be whoever they want to be.

    By sharing the stories of female trailblazers, entrepreneurs, and creators craft kit is showing the next generation of leaders that anything (and everything!) is possible.

    More than just a “girl activity”, Kids Crafts™ blends education, entertainment, creativity, and fun into a lifestyle brand for preteens. Kids Crafts build up girls by teaching them skills, helping them express themselves through art, and encouraging them to think outside of the box.

    Kids Crafts™ is a woman-owned small business and social impact is at the heart of what they do. Kids Crafts are proud to donate a portion of their proceeds to non-profit organizations that empower girls across the globe.