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Infamous Swim’s Chic and Tasteful Swim Line is Quality, Fashionable, Comfortable Swimwear For All

Infamous Swim’s chic and tasteful swim line is on a mission to promote body positivity with each design catering to every shape and size. They even offer a mini swim line that’s perfect as a mommy and me set along with men’s options. The line is designed in Australia and run by a team of women. Infamous Swim is more than just a swimwear brand. They are on a mission to break the mould! They believe every woman and every kind of body deserves to feel confident, sexy, empowered and comfortable in their swimwear.


The newest addition to Infamous Swim store is here, the Sweat & Track Set in Fairy Floss! The ultimate in stylish loungewear, the sweats are made for looking fabulous anywhere, not only while lounging around the house.

The Mini Sweat & Track Set in Fairy Floss is here too! You know mom loves matching with the minis on the beach, now you can match everywhere.

  • Sweats will be sold in a same size set only, includes Sweatshirt and Track Pants
  • Adult sizes XS-3XL
  • Unisex Children sizes 0-12 (size guide IN IMAGES)
  • These sweats are made oversized, please check the measurements carefully on the website.
  • Sweatshirt has oversized batwing sleeves
  • Cosy, comfortable fleece inside
  • Exclusive, possibly once off, styles not to be repeated
  • Available for shipping worldwide
  • Very limited stock available
Infamous Swim is a leading Australian label for women who want to feel empowered in their swimwear no matter what stage of life. Infamous Swimwear line makes you feel sexy, without compromising your authenticity. After all confident women stands out naturally!

Cheers to the New Year with A Women-Owned Kombucha Brand

MOTHER Kombucha is a majority women-owned small business
committed to supporting other women in business

One sip and you’ll see that there’s something special about Mother Kombucha. Maybe it’s the natural acidity and tartness, or, the crisp, refreshing flavors. Maybe it’s the fact that it pairs so well with food, friends and good times. It’s hard to say, but if you ask Mother Kombucha, it’s all of the above.

  • Only 35 Calories or Less per Bottle
  • Rich with Probiotics, B Vitamins and Organic Acids
  • Brewed with Single-Origin Teas and Adaptogens
  • USDA Organic Certified
  • Vegan Certified
  • Kosher Certified

Earth Conscious. Health Conscious. People Conscious. 

Mother Kombucha is out to prove that doing good is good for business. So they have built their business by making products that are not just delicious and low in sugar and calories but also cleanly sourced and fairly made. Mother Kombucha considers the impact of their choices on people and planet and they are continually striving to do better.

100% Composting – All spent teas and cultures from Mother Kombucha’s brewing process are composted with local community gardens located primarily in Title 1 schools in Pinellas County, Florida.

Solar Power – Mother Kombucha is based in the Sunshine City so it only make sense to harness some of that clean energy. Solar roof panels at the Mothership are just one of the ways Mother Kombucha is reducing their carbon footprint.

Living Wages – All full-time employees start at or above local living wage levels, as established for Mother Kombucha’s county. Mother Kombucha also provides paid time off for volunteer work

Mother Kombucha offers sparkling water infused with kombucha and it’s a delicious loophole to the common rule of “don’t drink your calories!” Agua Bucha comes in delicious flavors like eyer lemon, grapefruit, and key lime while incorporating naturally occurring organic acids and B vitamins from the kombucha. At only 4 calories and 1 gram of sugar per can, it’s a yummy way to switch out boring old water from time to time.


Delicately flavored sparkling water with the added benefits of organic kombucha.

  • Naturally Occurring Organic Acids
  • Naturally Occurring B Vitamins
  • Only 4 Calories and 1 Gram of Sugar


1 cup of kombucha (recommend Jasmine Flower)
1 cup of 100% grapefruit juice
1 teaspoon of maple syrup
2 sprigs of fresh rosemary
1 can of Grapefruit Agua Bucha

Combine the kombucha, grapefruit juice and maple syrup in a pitcher or measuring cup. Fill two of your favorite glasses with ice and pour the concoction over top. Top off each glass with a generous splash of Agua Bucha. Gently rub the rosemary between your hands to release the oils on the leaves.


Introducing the world’s first kombucha-infused sparkling water.

Mother Kombucha offers sparkling water infused with kombucha and it’s a delicious loophole to the common rule of “don’t drink your calories!” Agua Bucha comes in delicious flavors like eyer lemon, grapefruit, and key lime while incorporating naturally occurring organic acids and B vitamins from the kombucha. At only 4 calories and 1 gram of sugar per can, it’s a yummy way to switch out boring old water from time to time.

Sparkling with benefits.

  • Naturally Occurring Organic Acids
  • Naturally Occurring B Vitamins
  • Only 4 Calories and 1 Gram Sugar

Agua Bucha is sparkling water. But unlike other sparkling water, it’s infused with kombucha. Which means you’re getting a crisp, refreshing bubbly beverage with the added benefits of B vitamins and organic acids. Best of all, it’s low in calories and sugar, all organic, and easy to enjoy. Just a delicately flavored sparkling water with lots to love and nothing to hide. Here’s to being clear.


Bright, tart – a little sass and 100% refreshment.

Ingredients: sparkling water, organic kombucha (filtered water, organic cane sugar, organic kombucha culture, organic single source green tea), organic grapefruit flavor


Prefer a twist of lime with your bubbles? Key Lime is a friendly Florida take on fun.

Ingredients: sparkling water, organic kombucha (filtered water, organic cane sugar, organic kombucha culture, organic single source green tea), organic key lime flavor


Light lemon zest with a delicately sweet finishing note. Voted “most crushable”.

Ingredients: sparkling water, organic kombucha (filtered water, organic cane sugar, organic kombucha culture, organic single source green tea), organic meyer lemon flavor

“We believe that things that are good for you should also taste great. And we know that doing it right takes time. Our multi-phase fermentation process isn’t the quickest or the easiest way to make kombucha, but we think it’s the best way.”

Tonya Donati

Mother Kombucha brews every small batch by hand, the right way, right here in Florida. Mother Kombucha has searched the world for the best fair-trade organic teas and curated a variety of unique ingredients to compliment the flavor of the kombucha. And Mother Kombucha hasn’t forgotten that when you put the best into something, you get the best out of it. 

Mother Kombucha knows where the tea comes from. Teatulia® cultivates a 3000 acre regenerative, organic farm in Bangladesh that is bringing a community out of poverty. And they’re a certified B Corp! Mother Kombucha loves Teatulia’s mission and Mother Kombucha loves their teas. USDA organic certification verifies that Mother Kombucha’s products are free from artificial ingredients and synthetic pesticides and are GMO-free. Organic processes protect natural resources and conserve biodiversity.



Beach Lovers Attention! You Should Have U-Stand For Your Next Beach Trip

Fill your U-Stand with weight (sand, water, ice and drinks), insert any umbrella, and enjoy stress free shade. Tired of sandy drinks? The U-Stand features a two-piece table top with 4 full size upholders! Also tired of digging holes for your umbrella, only for it to go flying down the beach with one gust of wind? Don’t worry, U-Stand got you covered.

This multi-purpose, portable umbrella stand was originally made for the beach but let’s be honest, the possibilities are endless with the UStand! It comes fully equipped with a storage base for all your beach or pool gear and an umbrella stand to help you soak up the sun without getting burnt!

U-Stand “Shade Anywhere” is a “patent pending”, portable bucket with a tube that runs through its center and opens up at the top. It is engineered to be highly portable, incredibly lightweight, and rugged enough to withstand the abuse of everyday use.

The empty U-Stand can be easily taken to the beach, filled up with sand, and set up with a beach umbrella. Imagine a bucket full of beach sand incessantly preventing your umbrella from taking off. That’s U-Stand for you. Filling it up with sand sounds too much of work? Fill it up with water. You can even bring ice in it from home.

The intelligently designed bucket stand offers a flat tabletop with cupholders on top of it for convenience. It’s the ultimate beach accessory.

How It Works:

STEP 1 – Fill up the U-Stand with beach gear, attach the lids.

STEP 2 – Carry the U-Stand with shoulder strap to your destination.

STEP 3 – Empty your beach gear.

STEP 4 – Fill the U-Stand with something heavy, Sand (90lbs), Water (60lbs), Ice & Drinks (50lbs).
Warning: The U-Stand is designed to support your beach umbrella. The U-Stand must be filled with weight. DO NOT PUT UMBRELLA IN WITHOUT WEIGHT! 

STEP 5 – Attach lids to the top

STEP 6 – Insert beach umbrella pole through center tube and push into sand at least 6 inches.

STEP 7 – Tighten set screw to secure the U-Stand to the beach umbrella pole.

STEP 8 – Open beach umbrella. SIT BACK AND RELAX -ENJOY THE SHADE 


Where can you use the U-Stand?

  • Use it at the beach
  • Backyard
  • Outdoor Concert
  • Sporting Events
  • Lake

When used correctly the U-Stand has been proven an effective way to reduce fly-away umbrellas. Use caution when winds are gusting and close your umbrella when the conditions are too strong. IMPORTANT: Always fill your U-Stand completely with heavy weight (Sand, Water, Rocks) when winds are strong.

If you are doing holiday shopping lately. You should totally add U-Stand into your shopping list. As social distancing is still required, going to beach is the activity we always do in South California. Enjoy the beach time and feeling the warm sunshine. U-Stand solves a lot of “beach problems” in an easy way. If you are having a tropical Christmas this year, this is also a cool tool you should carry with you.


John Legend Is Taking Time to Reflect on His Favorite Sperry Footwear

John Legend and his bulldog, Paul, make staying home look so good

Winter is coming and holiday is coming. It is the best timing to look for holiday gifts for your family, as well as for yourself. If you are struggling about men’s gifts, I would love to introduce the Sperry Legend Edit, a selection of John Legend’s favorite Sperry boat shoes, sneakers, and loafers. A good man always needs good shoes.

“I chose the shoes I really loved, that I would put in my wardrobe.” – John Legend.

John Legend, multi-platinum artist and Sperry’s 2020 Global Brand Ambassador, shares his fall closet
must-haves—from classic styles to just-in silhouettes. Check out The Legend Edit to see what John Legend
is wearing this season. Classic boat shoes. Road trip-ready driving mocs. Sporty-meets-stylish sneakers. It’s hard to promise you Legend-level singing skills. But his confident, cool style? It’s yours all season long.


Men’s Authentic Original Leather Boat Shoe


Pack the suiting pieces, and leave your loafers at home: Sperry’s A/Os are a stand-in for all occasions on your calendar.


Go on—roll those hems, and leave the socks at home. Whether heading out to sea or off for a nightcap, the A/O is built to bare some ankle.


When it says the A/Os are versatile, it means works-with-the-boldest-pattern-you-can-find versatile. (Their classic lines tend to play well with those out-there statements.)

The one that started it all, the Authentic Original is a tried-and-true icon of prep style. True to Sperry’s heritage, they’re still hand-sewn using time-honored craftsmanship, with premium materials and the wet/dry traction that made them legendary. Effortlessly setting the bar for what a real boat shoe should be, seafarers love the A/O’s capability; street-farers crave its classic cool.
  • Full-grain, unlined leather uppers resist effects of salt and freshwater to provide long lasting wear
  • Two-eye design with rust-proof eyelets and functional one-piece rawhide laces
  • Genuine hand-sewn moccasin construction conforms to your foot for durable, broken-in comfort
  • 360° Lacing System™ for a customized fit, as relaxed or tightened up as you’d like
  • Shock absorbing heel cup and Ortholite® insole provides added stability and comfort
  • The original razor-cut Wave-Siping™ for ultimate wet/dry traction provides sure footing boat deck to back deck
  • Stitched on non-marking, rubber outsole, providing long-lasting durability and flexibility


– John Legend.

Men’s Bahama II Sneaker


50 percent boat shoe, 50 percent sneaker—this boat-sneaker hybrid comes with double the wearability. Pair it with swim trunks on the boardwalk or Nantucket red chinos for a clambake. There’s nowhere these versatile kicks won’t take you.
  • Say hello and sail away with our much-loved boat-sneaker combo
  • Canvas upper featuring rawhide laces with our 360° Lacing System™ for a customized fit
  • Non-marking flexible rubber outsole with molded Wave-Siping™ provides the ultimate no-slip traction


Men’s Gold Cup Harpswell 1-Eye Driver


When a driver style has seafaring DNA, you’re in for a memorable ride. And here, it’s smoother than ever—with Anti-Shock and Vibration technology™ for next-level comfort from Point A to Point B, and beyond.
  • Rich, full-grain leather uppers
  • Rust-proof eyelets (18K gold-plated in select styles) and functional one-piece rawhide laces
  • Hand-sewn construction for durable comfort and easy-on, easy-off wear
  • Anti-Shock and Vibration (ASV) technology™ reduces the effects of shock by up to 30% for top-tier performance
  • Luxury lambskin lining surrounds the foot in softness
  • 360° Lacing System™ for a customized fit, as relaxed or tightened up as you’d like
  • Full-length, cushioned foam footbed molds to the foot for all-day comfort
  • Driver construction means low-profile styling, with molded rubber soles built for traction


– John Legend.

Men’s Gold Cup Authentic Original Lug Chukka


A substantial, carefully crafted lug sole helps provide sure footedness across seasons. Both editorial and wearable, the Gold Cup Authentic Original with a lug outsole is the ultimate in seasonal versatility.
  • Sperry’s iconic Authentic Original gets a modern twist with an autumn-ready lug outsole, extending its versatility across seasons
  • Premium full-grain leather uppers in a genuine hand-sewn construction feature rich lambskin linings and rawhide laces with our 360º Lacing System™ for a customized fit
  • Shock-absorbing, removable Ortholite® insert delivers all-day comfort, and a non-marking, molded rubber lug sole provides all-terrain traction


For over eighty years, Sperry has built a legacy of effortless, heritage products. Whether for men, women, kids, or babies, Sperry’s selection of hand-crafted footwear includes Sperry’s iconic Sperry boat shoes, sandals, loafers, flats, slippers, espadrilles, boots, sneakers, and oxfords. Available in an inspired range of colors, styles, and materials, Sperry’s timeless shoes transcend boundaries and span generations and genders with a shared commitment to quality, reliability and comfort. Sperry is the original prep icons, as they have been since 1935. Get instant access to new arrivals, best sellers, top-rated items, sales, extended sizes, and online exclusives.


Trilogy Laboratories Launches Home Facial Kit to Keep Skin Glowing During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic is keeping many spa and salon clients at home, creating challenges for skincare specialists. For aestheticians and spas seeking ways to continue connecting with clients, Trilogy Laboratories’ Botanical Home Facial kit allows professionals to continue generating business and promoting their own brand when clients are unable to visit.

Thanks to the Azul Skin Health Facial Kit, you will experience a full and relaxed spa time at home. Thinking of a Friday night, you just finish a whole week’s heavy work no matter it’s a real job or the house works, all you want is to rest. Doing a facial mask is nice, but how about doing something even cooler? Let’s bring the spa home. Azul Skin Health Facial Kit includes everything that a professional spa has, and it gives you a clear and detailed instruction. No worries about the process, because it surprisingly very simple.

What I love about this set is they even include the hair band and brush, you can definitely reuse them. When I opened the Blueberry AHA Home Peel, the nice smell makes me feel like it’s fresh fruit juice. That’s because they really use all the great ingredients to make sure you totally have the best experience.

I believe it skin health facial kit is not only for these days that we couldn’t go out, but also great for the normal days that you just want to stay home, without driving and going anywhere else. You can open your favorite wine, watching your favorite TV Shows at the same time!

This home care kit comes with everything you need to pamper yourself at home.  Keep your skin glowing in between going to your favorite skin care specialist.

Azul Skin Health Facial Kit

“Many of the spas we work with are looking for a way to continue to stay connected and care for their clients’ skin during these challenging times. We’ve developed a luxurious home kit to provide some much-needed pampering until in-office treatments become routine again,” said Kristen Flaharty, PharmD, Founder of Trilogy Laboratories.

The Botanical Home Facial kit is a four-step luxury treatment suitable for all skin types. One kit includes enough product for at least four at-home facials. Products include:

  • Botanical gel cleanser with green tea
  • Blueberry alpha hydroxy acid peel with mandelic acid and enzymes
  • Magic moisture hydrating mask
  • Green tea moisturizer with aloe, cucumber and calendula extracts
  • Cosmetic bag
  • Foundation brush (to apply peel)
  • Terry cloth hair band

Trilogy Laboratories continues to develop innovative products to serve the needs of retailers, skincare experts and beauty brands during COVID-19. It recently released a moisturizing hand mask to treat skin irritation due to over-sanitizing and washing.

To seamlessly launch or grow any brand, Trilogy Laboratories provides turn-key private labeling of luxury skincare products. From packaging to graphic design, Trilogy helps retailers create the perfect skincare line using premium medical-grade skincare products.

To purchase your facial kit at and let’s get ready for a professional home-sweet-home style spa!

About Trilogy Laboratories

Trilogy Laboratories was founded in 2014 by Dr. Kristen Flaharty, who has more than 20 years of ethical pharmaceutical product development experience. She was the driving force behind the development of the Azul brand of medical grade skin care products for Dr. Patrick Flaharty’s world-class Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa. Trilogy Laboratories manufactures highly effective private label skin care products for physicians, medical professionals, salons and spas, using scientifically proven ingredients at therapeutic concentrations. Trilogy brands include Integraderm, Azul SkinHealth and Minerale Makeup. Its manufacturing facility is an entirely self-contained innovative cosmetic and OTC-registered production facility, creating and manufacturing some of the highest quality and most effective skin care products in today’s market.