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    Hit refresh – Ever Eden is the clean, effective skincare to feel good about

    Skin does so much. To change. To protect. To nurture. All as new life grows. From baby’s first kick to feeling cartwheels in your belly, there are so many moments in growing life that make you realize your own strength as a mother. Something for you, something for baby, which is your favorite baby and mom products for you and your little?  To make it the best and safest baby and mom skincare, Even Eden Skincare ban over 2,000 questionable ingredients from ever making their way into their formulas, setting the safest standards in skincare. Discovering Ever Eden high-performing, plant-based skincare for both yourself and baby. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Ever Eden won…

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    7 Brain Foods to Help Kids Stay Sharp

    Brain Gains: 7 Foods to Boost Kids’ Academic Performance Fact is, all the books, tablets, and notepads kids use for studying are useless if their brains are not in top functioning form. There are certain nutrients that are crucial for their brain development, and better brain development means better brain function, memory, and concentration—all of which contribute to better academic performance. To keep your kids’ performance at optimum levels, we’ve rounded up seven of the best brain foods to help boost their mental power, and also talked to Brainly’s parenting expert, Patrick Quinn, for pro parenting tips on how to incorporate them into your kids’ daily diet. 1. Nuts & Seeds Nuts and seeds are…

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    Doink – Piggy Matching Game from Goliath

    I often took things too literally as a child so you can only imagine my terror when I first heard the expression, “When pigs fly…” As if I wasn’t already scared enough of being a toilet target for birds, the idea of 500+ pound creatures soaring above seemed pretty horrifying, but that was before I played this game!   Pigs DO fly in Doink, the exciting game that will put you in a grab-happy frenzy! Try to grab the colored pig that best matches your hand of cards; the first player to get rid of all of their cards wins. Think fast and swipe swiftly, but just watch out for…

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    Luli Bebe Sophisticated Yet Practical Diaper Bags

    There’s a great line that says: “If you want to get something done, ask a mom.” That ethos is the perfect description for one mom who gets things done: Arpi Khachatryan. As CEO and original designer at Luli Bebé, her inspiration for this new line of diaper bags and accessories comes from her own experience as a new mother. Unsuccessful in finding the perfect accessory for her own use, Arpi wanted to create a functional diaper bag that was also elegant and stylish. After all, becoming a mom doesn’t mean giving up fashion but so many diaper bags on the market didn’t have that necessary cachet. So Luli Bebé was…

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    The Working Mom Blueprint: Winning @ Parenting w/o Losing Yourself

    As a pediatrician, entrepreneur and mother, Whitney Casares, MD, MPH, FAAP has a unique vantage point as to what mothers need to do to make sure they’re OK and so their kids are OK. Because now more than ever, moms are conflicted about where to draw the line between their own self-care and what’s best for their kids, leading to feelings of stress, being pulled in too many directions at once and burnout (none of which is good for families). In The Working Mom Blueprint: Winning at Parenting without Losing Yourself (American Academy of Pediatrics; May 11, 2021), Dr. Casares offers a practical plan that covers: ·       setting priorities ·       cultivating self-care ·       finding childcare ·       establishing an equal parenting partnership ·       delegating whenever appropriate…

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    The Flavors of Spring in a Purée Popsicle Recipe for Baby

    In addition to colorful flowers and emerging buds on trees, spring brings a bounty of fresh flavors that make a healthy meal, snack or filling for teethers, such as teetherpop™. Start introducing babies at least six months old to new tastes by making homemade smoothies, purées popsicle and juices using in-season vegetables, fruits and herbs. Seasonal produce may vary by region, based on growing conditions and weather; but generally, in the U.S., one can find a slew of favorite in-season produce including: apples, apricots, avocados, bananas, carrots, kale, kiwi, lemons, pineapple, strawberries, and more. Make purée popsicles for little ones using an easy-to-digest combination of fruits or vegetables that your baby is familiar with. Be…

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