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    How Tall Am I Puzzle Game

    As a kid, I always enjoyed playing a doodling game where you’d pass around a piece of paper and have each person add a body part until you finally had one comical yet haunting Frankenstein of a character. You never knew what kind of hodgepodge of a person would end up looking back at you for the final reveal. Well, this is one game that’s quite literally about character building, and how your character comes together all depends on a roll of the die. What will your character end up looking like? What features will they have? Most  importantly, how tall will they be? In this game, it’s the beanstalk…

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    Goliath Games – Soccer Slider

    You don’t have to rely on the sun for fun with Soccer Slider, an indoor gliding ball that will get a pass from even your toughest goalie (your parents). Easily turn any smooth surface into your own personal soccer field for hours of fun. Rainy days aren’t so bad anymore! Since Niko’s soccer lessons are over, we are keeping up with drills with this fun indoor toy!   Soccer Slider It’s soccer time, no matter the weather! Safe to play indoors and tons of fun for hours. You can practice your kicks or challenge your friends with this gliding, soft foam slider that turns any smooth surface into game-time! Recommended for…

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    Goliath Games – Thin Ice with Penguins

    Need an icebreaker for your kids? Look no further than Thin Ice, the game where you carefully try to add marbles onto the platform without having them break through! Enjoy the giggle-inducing suspense but just make sure you’re not the one holding the tweezer when the ice breaks.   Thin Ice This breakthrough game is a real icebreaker for kids! Take a marble from the water channel and place it on the tissue. Don’t be holding the tweezers when the marbles break through it! This easy-to-learn game is a time-tested classic and makes a perfect addition to any STEM assortment! For 2-4 players, ages 5 and up.   This breakthrough game is a real icebreaker for kids Easy…

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