Lake Travis Weekend! :)

Sup Cool World :),

Hope everyone has something really fun planned for Memorial Day weekend but if ya don’t, you can always come kick it wit me, i dont bite :). Im gonna be goin to a place where magic happens and that magical place is called Lake Travis, Lake Travis is a man made reservoir that was built in 1942 by the construction of the Mansfeild Damn on the Western Edge of Austin, Texas. But thats probably more info than you actually wanted to know ;), bottom line this Lake goes hard on Memorial Day weekend.

Folk usually just come out and tie their boats up and become extra social, i guess grown up beverages will create that type of moment, not that i would know anything about that ;). There is NOOO shortage of meeting all types of people…

Not to mention the Sunset looks beautiful when its all said and done.

If you cant make it to Lake Travis this weekend, i will leave youi with this post card of Lake travis :). Have a great and Blessed weekend, Much love!