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    A TINY Obsession

    The cutest things come in the smallest packages. Former Go Pro Senior Designer, Chris Clearman, has launched a new venture, TINY™ Tents. Those miniature display tents that are “oh so cute” at sporting good stores are now a reality featuring all the realities of full-sized tents. Chris launched this brand because he “always wanted a Tiny Tent.” The size large is the perfect cozy hiding spot for a dog or cat! This would make an amazing gift!

    It has become quite the obsession! Proof Below:

    Clearman’s mission –  to equip the world with miniature tents.  “There is something awesome about a tiny tent that I can’t really put a finger on,” says Clearman. Each tent will come equipped with real, functional zippers and windows. Just like the big guys. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!


    Available in two sizes, small and large, Tiny™ Tents are great for indoor and outdoor camping

    excursions, desk displays, or model enthusiasts.  Little ones will love to use them to play with their dolls and action figures while pets can snuggle up inside the larger version for a nap. For photographers, these miniature replicas make affordable props capture realistic-looking footage. Tiny™ Tents is also a unique way to add a little humor to your home décor and makes a great gift for the tiny obsessed in your life.

    Join Tiny™ Tents for the launch of their Kickstarter on July 12, 2016.  Help Tiny™ Tents reach their goal of $15,000 by donating today, the Kickstarter contribution starts at just $12, by visiting their page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/499267624/1728731299?token=b4bcc110


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    Lake Travis Weekend! :)

    Sup Cool World :),

    Hope everyone has something really fun planned for Memorial Day weekend but if ya don’t, you can always come kick it wit me, i dont bite :). Im gonna be goin to a place where magic happens and that magical place is called Lake Travis, Lake Travis is a man made reservoir that was built in 1942 by the construction of the Mansfeild Damn on the Western Edge of Austin, Texas. But thats probably more info than you actually wanted to know ;), bottom line this Lake goes hard on Memorial Day weekend.

    Folk usually just come out and tie their boats up and become extra social, i guess grown up beverages will create that type of moment, not that i would know anything about that ;). There is NOOO shortage of meeting all types of people…

    Not to mention the Sunset looks beautiful when its all said and done.

    If you cant make it to Lake Travis this weekend, i will leave youi with this post card of Lake travis :). Have a great and Blessed weekend, Much love!