Sentimental Sunday: Is Just Enough Good Enough?

We have a guestblogger from BodyNoise for the month of May for Sentimental Sundays. Give us your feedback and tell Amanda your two cents about love, lust and life. 

Do you ever find yourself connecting really well with someone that you just want to like, rip his head apart and pick at his brain? But instead, somehow you’re both in bed and after the deed is done someone ends up falling asleep and that whole ‘talking for hours’ thing never happens. So what was the point?

Remember when you were a virgin (kudos to you if you still are), and you would spend hours on the phone with someone talking about everything and anything that came to mind? Those were relationships that lasted. Not these little ‘oh you’re cool, let’s get it on’ situations. More often than not, we’re too busy to bother getting to know you or ourselves anymore. Life doesn’t allow for it. We can’t slow down. We have to keep moving. And that means we have to move on, over and over again. Hello tonight, good-bye tomorrow.

Today we just want one thing to get carried away about and we’re quite happy. We settle for everything – a house that’s affordable, a job that’s consistent, a lover that doesn’t complain too much. I always told myself not to expect a lot because you’ll always be disappointed. But if you have no expectations at all, you’ll find yourself taking anything that comes your way. It gets a little dangerous when you don’t prioritize things. Will you take the first apartment that goes for rent? Will you take the first job that calls you back? Will you take the guy that said you looked pretty today? It’s better than nothing, right?

Wrong? I don’t know anymore. You can have the highest expectations and get the greatest things in life, but still feel equally empty after it all. Sometimes I think you need to settle just so you know what you really deserve. You might realize that your relationship might be more valuable than you think. You may be settling, but it did put a roof over your head, no matter how many times you had to fix up the shackles.

Would you settle?