Korean Taco Time :)

So its almost lunchtime on this side of the world and i figured since im a little hungry you must be as well :). Soooo im jus gonna tease you some more and show you the best Korean Taco here in town.

Heres the funny thing, anytime i tell someone about this Korean taco truck thats located Downtown Austin, i always get the same response which is “Man i aint tryin that mess!” So i give it like five minutes and they usally give in because they see this long line outside the truck that looks a little something like this below…

After seein this line you will not deny Craig Allen and the power of Korean Tacos! I mean seriously, look at these fries! This gots! to be the best thing they have. Shoutout to the Spicy Mayo, because its like a party in your mouth with everyone there that you like :). That sounded a little weird but you know what i mean lol…

Oh yea, Tacos are always on deck also and they be on Child Please status, they are so good and they are 2$ a peice.

So next time your in the neighborhood and see this Korean BBQ stand below, just know my ass may be standing right next to it ;). See ya when i see ya!

Austin,TX 78701

5th and Colorado