@LiseWatier Glitter Brush + Duo Shadow & Glitter

I know its been a few weeks since my birthday but since my name is JUNE I don’t believe in celebrating my birthDAY… I believe in celebrating my birthMONTH. I mean I do have a month named after ;D So I’m posting about part of my what I did for my makeup on my birthday. I decided to do a little glitter glamour on my eyes using Lise Watier’s Duo Shadow and Glitter in Golden Taupe.

I spread the creamy golden shadow all over my lids. The cream shadow was super smooth and created a great base without being sticky. Loved that no matter how much I put on, it never got cakey and it was very buildable.

Using Lise Watier’s AMAZING Glitter Eyeshadow Brush, I gently patted the glitter over the cream shadow applying more to the middle and outer corners. The glitter was very fine and gave a pretty shine to my lids without being overdone (since I was just going to dinner). This is one of my FAVORITE brushes ever! It makes applying glitter so much easier. The rubbery texture allows for wet or dry application and best of all EASY CLEAN UP! No more fussing around with glitter stuck in your brushes, on your fingers, or the worst… UNDER your nails. The pointed tip of the brush lets you get into small areas like the inner corners of your eyes. LOVE it!

Glitter Shadow, Cream Shadow, Glitter Brush (left to right)

Make sure you their newest Duo colors in Wild Orchid, Blue Ray, and Golden Wasabi! Perfect for your bright summer eyes and if you’re a glitter fan make sure you try Lise Watier’s Glitter Eyeshadow Brush! Even if you’re not a glitter fan because of the messiness, try it out. It makes glitter/shimmer application way easier and tidier!

xo, June 🙂

Writer’s Note: This product was sent to me for review by the brand/PR. All reviews on HeyDoYou.com by myself, June Ning, are unpaid and unbiased.