Last Minute for Dad

From young hot dads at groceries stores to your old man who won’t stop pestering you. From the one who has been there to take your side when mom says no, to the one that lives overseas with birthday phone calls just once a year…. We celebrate our fathers this weekend.

Here is my dad in LA
My dad is a mystery and a character to me. I know only bits and pieces and our time spent together has been very limited.  Since I grew up in Toronto with my mom’s family, the time I have spent is really a summer in Shanghai, a few month in Hong Kong and a summer in LA in the past 27 yrs…

Entrepreneurial, loves dogs, can make conversation with anyone, adores Napoleon cakes and coffee ice cream, a little bit silly – There is no doubt that I am my father’s daughter.

Did you get your dad something yet?  Not to worry, you can find Local Deals from CentrSource.

All your dad really wants is to know that you appreciate him.

Happy Father’s Day!