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    Freedom with Dryel

    My dad is in town to visit me! He came all the way from Hainan island and was shocked at the Las Vegas heatwave. With moderate 80’s where he lives, he came during the hottest week ever! Vegas reached record breaking 120 F! We had a full schedule and with all the running around town. Even with places blasting AC, it was still really hot.

    As you all know, the ‘dad hat’ trend has been all over fashion and social media lately but I can assure you that my dad has been rocking this trend for as long as I can remember. My dad loves his hats.  We went to the Strip, I had 2 pop up shops, we went to the park, out to eat, up the mountain and lots of other places too. Being a light traveller, he only brought his favorite hat so it was in need of a good cleaning after a week of fun.

    I couldn’t figure out a way to help him clean his hat with all the sweat and sun but then I remembered Dryel! Dryel saves time and gives the freedom to wear what you want, when you want to. Taking his hat to the dry cleaners what out of the question since he wanted to wear it all day everyday so I used the Dryel at home cleaner and snuck his hat away for 15 mins.

    I first started with the booster spray. I was careful to avoid the suede area (Dryel is not recommended for suede). I sprayed the hat inside, outside – about 10 spritz. Then I used the Ultra Cleaning Cloth, zipped it up and threw it in the dryer for 15 mins.  The hat came out fresh and clean!

    Now my dad has his favorite hat for the rest of his vacation. Check out how Dryel can save you time and give you freedom to wear what you want when you want on www.dryel.com.


    If you want more tips, check out this interesting article about dry cleaning here

    FTC Notice: *Dryel Partner – I compensated to test and review Dryel products. All my opinions are my own!





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    The Popcorn Factory for Dads, Grad and More!

    When it comes to gift giving, I think something edible cannot go wrong!  Nothing worse than someone getting you clothing that doesn’t fit, or something that is just not your taste. If you have a general idea of what your dad or grad likes, this will be a breeze. Even if you don’t know exactly if they are a sweet or savory, POPCORN Factory has you covered!

    These tins comes with a plethora of goodies! Like fresh kettle corn, cheddar popcorn, chocolate pretzels, nuts and gummies. I can just see this huge tin being useful for game day, Netflix or snacks with beer!

    Dad is always there for you no matter what. He’s a great guy who deserves the best, so this Father’s Day express your love with the perfect gift idea. Choose from a selection of Father’s Day gifts that are perfect for the dad, grandfather, or husband in your life.

    You don’t even have to wrap it! 🙂 Use Promo code 152DAD


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    Last Minute for Dad

    From young hot dads at groceries stores to your old man who won’t stop pestering you. From the one who has been there to take your side when mom says no, to the one that lives overseas with birthday phone calls just once a year…. We celebrate our fathers this weekend.

    Here is my dad in LA
    My dad is a mystery and a character to me. I know only bits and pieces and our time spent together has been very limited.  Since I grew up in Toronto with my mom’s family, the time I have spent is really a summer in Shanghai, a few month in Hong Kong and a summer in LA in the past 27 yrs…

    Entrepreneurial, loves dogs, can make conversation with anyone, adores Napoleon cakes and coffee ice cream, a little bit silly – There is no doubt that I am my father’s daughter.

    Did you get your dad something yet?  Not to worry, you can find Local Deals from CentrSource.

    All your dad really wants is to know that you appreciate him.

    Happy Father’s Day!

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    Last week I got invited by DJ Lady Sha to the brand spanking new McFrappe tent in Glendale to try out these scrumptious drinks. They handed out McNugget happy meals, giftbags and travel mugs!
    Since it was right around the corner, I went with my dad and ran into some familiar faces ^_^
    My dad and his Mocha Frappe!
    Grace from Grace Model Management 🙂
    Mini Frappes x Maxi Steeeeze!
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