@Pillsbury Sweet Moments

With all these summer shopping and impromptu trips, money is a lil tight. That doesn’t mean you can’t spend you last $5 on something delicious.   I like to live on the edge a little.   Let me introduce to you my new favorite dessert….Pillsbury Sweet Moments 

illsbury® Sweet Moments™ are a little bite of decadent pleasure for you each day. We would like to introduce you to two unbelievably delicious new flavors: Raspberry Brownie Cheesecake and Caramel Brownie Cheesecake. Each bite will wrap you in rich layers of sweet pleasure. Break through the cocoa-kissed outer layer with its delicate drizzle detail… feel it break and give way to a deliciously moist fudgy brownie. Take a moment to savor the smooth caramel or velvety cheesecake melt luxuriously in your mouth. We refrigerate them to accentuate each decadent layer and magnify each distinct texture to create a truly luscious bite.