Friends with Benefits

Last night I went to see this new Justin Timberlake romantic comedy and it was pretty much what I expected. It is always fun to watch New York movies while living in NY because you recognize neighborhoods and landmarks 🙂  The double bonus in this flick is that it was also shot in LA… and I also recognized those hot spots too.  Mila Kunis plays that ‘cool’ girl who is heartless and Clooney like. Only to be fragile and fairy tale romancing like so many big city girls.  This movie made me appreciate my boyfriend a lot a lot a lot. Thank God we are both beyond that ego bull#* and ready for intense loving. But I digress.

The jist of the story is pretty much given away in the preview and with cool scenes of JT’s body, a crazy beautiful ‘NY condo’ and flash mob dancing… it really was just a lite-hearted little movie.

I give it 3 stars 🙂  It comes out this Friday.

Let me know what you think!