6-Man Volleyball Tournament – Manhattan Beach, CA

One of the most legendary, most fun events of the summer happened over the weekend… 6-MAN! To be precise its actually called Charlie Saikley Volleyball Tournament but to most its just 6-Man. This tournament takes place at Manhattan Beach, CA in the middle of the summer every year featuring all men or all women teams of 6 (hence 6-Man). Teams line up outside MB City Hall for hours to be picked to play in the tourny. Each team dresses up in outfits and costumes to differentiate themselves from each other. Costumes are always a crowd pleaser. Teams play until the brackets are shrunken to the winning team.


Meanwhile thousands of people gather at Manhattan Beach, literally thousands. Streets are blocked. Police and security everywhere. If you’re ever in LA during 6-Man I definitely recommend going. There are booths doing promotions and giving merchandise and products away. Lots of parties and many more after parties going on.


xo, June 🙂