24 Diner!

Sup World,

Hope your hungry because i have a dish that could possibly change your life :). If you go back into the Austin Archives you will see i once wrote about a 24 hour spot i really liked here called Katz Deli. I’m aware there are more Katz’s in the world than just Austin, but i liked ours until it shut down :0/.

But thats ok though!!!! I found a new 24 hour spot i really like and its called 24 Diner(http://24diner.com) . Trust me when i tell you this, i only eat one dish when i go there. I’m not sure what your beliefs on Chicken and Waffles are, but chillldddd let me tell you! they have some crazy recipe for this dish ;).

Come on down and i will save you some if your lucky ;0)