The Hamptons Fitness & Wellness Soiree

Team NY HeyDoYou! Olisa and I 🙂

Miss Ahlilah Longmire threw a little Soiree in the Hamptons this weekend and me and Olisa trekked up there.  After a 2 hour + drive up there on a Saturday, we were greeted by cucumber crab snacks and various cocktails.  Dr. Emily Splichal recognized by stiletto lovers as Dr. Legs was selling her books and dvds, and PIX 11 Dr. Steve Salvatore said he is so glad that ‘no one fat’ was in attendance. O_o ooookay!

There were complimentary massages, reflexology and pedi + manis. Here is the lady giving me side eye for disrupting her zen.

Even though the pool was sparkling and the liquor was flowing, most people sat around with their friends, not mingling. Tsk tsk. Big pet peeve of mine.

I love this cork mirror and that i’m not wearing what people are ‘suppose’ to wear to the Hamptons. Jus saying.

Marni Runway Double Buckles 🙂 Love these!

Olisa + Monica

Stone frogs, chillin’

Sipping on Hint 🙂

Yay to maxi skirts.

I have to say, I was so curious what the Hamptons were like… but it’s not that different than Wasaga Beach really 🙂