@MiracleSkin Transformer Product Launch

I discovered the Miracle Skin Transformer line at its product launch this past Friday at Sephora Times Square.  While products of all kinds throw around the word “miracle,” the demonstrations performed by creator Sarah McNamara proved that these products are appropriately named!

SPF 20, the antioxidant-rich tinted skin enhancer, leaves your skin airbrushed, hydrated and protected in one easy step.  The naturally derived silicone formulation is designed to improve skin texture, minimize fine lines and pores and reduce pigmentation spots over time.  It’s available in 7 shades ranging from translucent to deep dark.

MST also offers a colorless SPF 20 for MenTreat & Conceal to hydrate, cover and protect, and Body SPF 20, a high performance tinted body enhancer.

Lucky volunteers from the crowd took a seat and let Sarah McNamara give them a quick, skin-transforming makeover using the Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20.  The women all had your typical freshly-washed-face issues, including redness and uneven skin pigmentation.  With a few strokes, McNamara applied the product, leaving these ladies with a fresh, smooth, even skin tone.

I was wowed by the results!  See for yourself…

Sarah McNamara
For more information about Miracle Skin Transformer, visit: www.miracleskintransformer.com.
kisses, Olisa