@PanAmABC Recap: We’ll Always Have Paris

If you didn’t get the chance to check out the season premiere of ABC’s Pan Am, get ready for a real trip. We’re walking back in time with all the power of women today. Following with this concept, tonight’s episode opens up with a Pan Am woman Colletee (Karine Vanasse) hitch-hiking to the airport. Dean (Mike Vogel) offers to drive her, but he says she has to cook him dinner and serve him drinks, you know, what she already does for a living. She agrees, on one condition: she gets to drive.

Guess who shows up on the flight to Paris? Laura and Kate’s mother. We recently found out that Laura ran away from an unpromising wedding. Kate took all the blame for helping her sister get out and is left looking like the black sheep in the famly. Their mother thinks she’s responsible for flooding Laura’s mind with these thoughts of traveling the world and serving drinks to strangers ‘and that sort of thing.’ Laura tries to piece the family together, but mom always has other plans in mind. She brought Laura’s fiance over to try to take her home. It looks like these sisters only have each other now.

Kate’s new secret service link ends up being the lost Bridget (Annabelle Wallis) who’s basically been sent home under a new identity. The package Kate is assigned to give Bridget is a new passport. Bridget warns Kate about the risk of losing this job, referring to Dean. “The good that you hope you are doing is not worth losing everything.” Realizing everything she has to lose, Kate’s still intent on continuing on with this project. It looks like Kate thinks she doesn’t have anything left to lose.

Maggie (Christina Ricci) is on her best behavior serving for the first class businessmen. One goes out of line and tries to get fresh with her at the back of the plane. She stabs him with a serving fork, then locks him in the bathroom and throws him a first aid kit. She leaves off with, “I’m not included in your ticket.” He obviously reports this to the captain who lets him off by proposing a complementary shot of whiskey. “I know what my job is. For the price of that ticket, business men can flirt with pretty women,” says Maggie. “But what i can’t handle is that you made it okay for him to try that again with another girl.” Guess some things don’t change.

The show wraps up with Laura’s ex-fiance Greg saying good-bye. He acknowledges her quest for adventure and lets her go explore the world. Hey, at least she’s not in love with another man, right?

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