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    @PanAmABC Recap: Unscheduled Departure

    Like many TV shows, there’s got to be some fillers. This is what happens tonight on a crash landing in Haiti on the way to Caracas. There’s a hurricane, and an old guy gets a heart-attack and the Pan Am girls are set to make things right. “Here comes Ginny. I wonder which one’s gonna be more destructive.” Funny how the real tornado is with the frequent flyer Miguel (Aaron Diaz) and his sense of entitlement.

    As per usual, we’re following some more historical facts, this time following the killings in Haiti. The team takes back a 17-year-old girl in replacement for the dead passenger they were unable to rescue. I’m not sure if this story says a lot — apparently having the idea that the old man wanted to help and his death saved another’s life (not something I’d like written down on my tombstone, but okay). I knew Maggie (Christina Ricci) was going to heat things up tonight, but I definitely didn’t expect her to blow up in Miguel’s face and throw his luggage off the plane. “Thank you for flying Pan Am.”

    Collette (Karine Vanasse) and Ted (Michael Molsey) set out to find a doctor and we see how difficult it is to work together at this time. It’s really thrilling to watch all of this happen on a TV series, and  so carefully and charmingly. However, no real drama and sexiness happens. The only exciting thing about tonight is the kiss between Dean (Mike Vogels) and Collette at the end of the show. I’m super psyched to find out what happens next week.

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    @PanAmABC Recap: Romance Languages

    With a title like ‘Romance Languages’ you know things are heating up tonight. Hello, hot stuff! Check out Laura (Margot Robbie)’s new boy toy, Joe (Gaius Charles), a navy boy, all dressed in white and everything. But sticking to the ways of the past, Joe gets knocked out in broad day-light for holding Laura’s hand. Is Laura going to defend him or just let him go and accept things for the way they are?

    Well, we are dealing with a new breed of women. As Laura says, “It isn’t right that when you tried to kiss me that I cared what other people would think. It isn’t right that when I went to bed last night I locked my door. It isn’t right that when the super told me to kick you out I did.” I mean, who can say no to Joe sitting on your couch with his shirt off? She’s definitely surprising me with her random bursts of courage and determination. Maybe she isn’t such a blond bimbo after all.

    Then there’s a rocky path with Kate (Kelli Garner) and her beau Niko (Goran Visnjic)’s love affair. Niko gets ambushed in her apartment and he’s sent to the secret agency to discuss joining the team in Yugoslavia.  “I can’t tell, are you just a silly, naive girl, or are you a master liar?” Both. But more importantly, Kate’s in dangerous love with this guy. The show ends with an incredibly uncomfortable, heart-felt good-bye between Kate and Niko at the airport. Kate’s going around-the-world and Niko back to Yugoslavia. Is this the end of their romantic journey?

    Oh yeah, and Collette (Karine Varnasse) gets to fly the plane with Dean (Mike Vogel)’s supervision while the rest of the plane is going crazy with a bunch of partying sailors that haven’t been above water in six months. Too bad for Ginny (Erin Cummings), it looks like Dean’s cleaning up that mess. Let’s hope she doesn’t pop up anymore in any upcoming flights.

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    @PanAmABC Recap: The Genuine Article

    Tonight’s episode opens up with the expensive trick Ginny Saddler (Erin Cummings) wearing Captain Dean Lowrey (Mike Vogel)’s pilot uniform. I usually like the guy’s girl, but this one is just so sleazy with all the fur coats. It’s disastrously tacky, and the jet black hair makes her look borderline drag-like when she wears it in a bun. They all fly to Rio de Janeiro, including Everett Henson (Scott Cohen), the VP of Pan Am. A little too close for comfort are we? Ginny causes even more trouble by inviting Dean to join her for dinner with Henson. Of course, the fool is in love with her and Dean pulls out for good. At least he’s still got some sense in him — it looks like her claws didn’t sink in too deeply. Too bad we can’t say the same for Ginny, who claims she’s fallen for Dean. Please tell me he doesn’t fall for this.

    Maggie Ryan (Christina Ricci) might lose her job with all her fooling around. There’s another photographer chasing Laura Cameron (Margot Robbie) for a story on the Pan Am stewardess life and Maggie wants some exposure to get her out of a huge pickle she’s been nursing. For a girl who’s been faking it to make it her entire life just for the chance at the Pan Am experience, she definitely isn’t rubbing the right people in the best way. After getting arrested for buying stolen goods and making bail from the handy co-pilot Ted Vanderway (Michael Mosley), she’s running out of luck.

    But don’t underestimate Ms. Ryan. “I made a new me. I took a lot of shortcuts, I told more than a few fibs, every time I got caught I moved on. Each close call was a stepping stone to something better. But this time there is nothing better. This is it. I can’t lose Pan Am.” She turns to Hanson to help her out, saying she can return the favor by revealing some critical information about someone he’s very close to. I have to respect the girl that does whatever she can to save herself, and Ginny deserves what she’s about to get. Too bad Dean’s stuck with another bad apple. Will he just go for Collette Valois (Karine Vanasse) already?

    We don’t see much of the secret agent Kate Cameron (Kelli Garner) this episode. She gets closer with her beau Niko Lonza (Goran Visnjic) who’s going through his own troubles with his Yugoslavian loyalty. Apparently he’s next on the list to join the secret agency. It’s Kate’s job to convince him. And she thought she was just a courier! Clearly, she’s got way more on her plate than she can swallow. Can she do her job if she’s falling in love with this guy?

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    @PanAmABC Recap: One Coin In A Fountain

    Kate Cameron (Kelli Garner) is on another mission, but it looks like Maggie Ryan (Christina Ricci) already has her claws sinked in the eye of the prize. “He’s already interested in another stewardess,” she says. “Well, un-interest him.” Do I smell a cat-fight?

    Goran Visnjic plays Yugoslavian U.N. diplomat Niko Lonza that has all the girls acting crazy. Kate steps in on Maggie’s prey with a game of billiards. I’m not sure what the stewardess code-of-conduct is for flirting, but Maggie’s a good sport and let’s Kate take the prize. “Nico’s worth it.” Things go a little further than I expected. Kate successfully completes her assignment (it’s getting a little too easy for me, if you ask my opinion). But here’s a surprise — are seeing each other in New York?

    On another note, Captain Dean Lowrey (Mike Vogel) cashes in on a fling with the airline executive’s secretary over a box of JuJuBe candies (OMG, remember those?), courtesy of his wingman co-pilot Ted Vanderway (Michael Molsey). What’s worse, having an affair with your employer’s wife or his mistress? Hard to say. “A wife is the block he grew up in, a mistress is where he’s living now.”

    Ted is still incredibly pathetic when it comes to his infatuation with Laura Cameron (Margot Robbie). He follows her to Harlem as she tries to make things right with her ex by returning the ring he spent all his savings on. The obnoxious male side of him screws up her deal with the man who bought her ring and she returns empty-handed and yet again totally upset with him. He does make a come-back though. But really, who trades his Rolex in for another man’s engagement ring? “A guy’s got to pick a good time to give a girl a ring.” A little much, buddy? No wonder he’s not getting anywhere with the Pan Am girls!

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    @PanAmABC Recap: Eastern Exposure

    Do we sense a little rivalry among the pilot bachelors? With Bridgette MIA, Dean and Collette seem to be getting a long these days. After watching co-pilot Ted fail at kiss with Laura, we find out a little more information about his past. It looks like his father helped him get into Pan Am, but only after his ship crashed in the navy and they blamed it on him rather than a system error. “Accept your honorable discharge honorably and get on with your life. There’s plenty of blue skies ahead of you Teddy.”

    Tonight the Pan Am team hits Eastern Asia and show some skin at a resort in Rangoon, Burma. The girls taste the best chicken curry in Indonesia (and Laura spits it out), they watch a cock fight and lock a snake in the bathroom. With Maggie’s influence, Laura disappears with Kate’s camera and as a result she’s late for another one of her assignments. There’s more sisterly combat when they meet again. “It’s so easy for you. no one ever expected anything from you. You always got to do whatever you wanted,” says Laura. “Now I’m doing what you wanted and you still don’t want me here!” Her whining is getting annoying. Kate’s right. She needs to grow up and stop waiting for acceptance and just pull herself together. I mean come on, she still wears bunny slippers!

    Kate continues to defend her sister, but it’s getting harder and harder for her to convince herself that Laura can stand on her own. As a result, Laura ends up crashing with Maggie. “It’s hard to fly with your wings clipped.”

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    @PanAmABC Recap: We’ll Always Have Paris

    If you didn’t get the chance to check out the season premiere of ABC’s Pan Am, get ready for a real trip. We’re walking back in time with all the power of women today. Following with this concept, tonight’s episode opens up with a Pan Am woman Colletee (Karine Vanasse) hitch-hiking to the airport. Dean (Mike Vogel) offers to drive her, but he says she has to cook him dinner and serve him drinks, you know, what she already does for a living. She agrees, on one condition: she gets to drive.

    Guess who shows up on the flight to Paris? Laura and Kate’s mother. We recently found out that Laura ran away from an unpromising wedding. Kate took all the blame for helping her sister get out and is left looking like the black sheep in the famly. Their mother thinks she’s responsible for flooding Laura’s mind with these thoughts of traveling the world and serving drinks to strangers ‘and that sort of thing.’ Laura tries to piece the family together, but mom always has other plans in mind. She brought Laura’s fiance over to try to take her home. It looks like these sisters only have each other now.

    Kate’s new secret service link ends up being the lost Bridget (Annabelle Wallis) who’s basically been sent home under a new identity. The package Kate is assigned to give Bridget is a new passport. Bridget warns Kate about the risk of losing this job, referring to Dean. “The good that you hope you are doing is not worth losing everything.” Realizing everything she has to lose, Kate’s still intent on continuing on with this project. It looks like Kate thinks she doesn’t have anything left to lose.

    Maggie (Christina Ricci) is on her best behavior serving for the first class businessmen. One goes out of line and tries to get fresh with her at the back of the plane. She stabs him with a serving fork, then locks him in the bathroom and throws him a first aid kit. She leaves off with, “I’m not included in your ticket.” He obviously reports this to the captain who lets him off by proposing a complementary shot of whiskey. “I know what my job is. For the price of that ticket, business men can flirt with pretty women,” says Maggie. “But what i can’t handle is that you made it okay for him to try that again with another girl.” Guess some things don’t change.

    The show wraps up with Laura’s ex-fiance Greg saying good-bye. He acknowledges her quest for adventure and lets her go explore the world. Hey, at least she’s not in love with another man, right?

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