Sheer Goodness

I wore a sheer blouse to school one day, and now this girl in my class won’t stop calling “Miss Sheer” lol. I wouldn’t have dared to wear anything sheer as a teenager (my business was MY business). I have a couple pieces of sheer clothing now, but I’m always surprised that I actually wear AND feel comfortable in them. As a kid I was certain that becoming a woman meant, more body issues, pretty clothes, lots of sex (dreaded the nakedness part) and crying over man problems (never understood why). Little did I know that those things would mean nothing to me, and that instead of hiding my body, I would grow into a woman that wasn’t afraid to embrace the beauty she was blessed with, and wears whatever the f*ck she want! Here’s to growing up and being more than comfortable in your own skin and body 🙂

Cute. Clever. Connected 🙂

Sheer clothing isn’t exactly a new trend. Some way or another this trend has found a way to stick around, and it doesn’t look like it’s going any damn where. I don’t mind… I’ll take all the sheer goodness that I can take, especially with summer being right around the corner!

What do you think? To sheer or not to sheer?

peace, love and health