HCB 36: Smoothie Lova!

My appetite is really weird during the summer time… so most times I just settle for delicious fruity smoothies!
um… can I just say how much I HATE buying fruit and veggies in this damn country coz it pretty much spoils once it makes contact with your fridge! I bought strawberries barely 2 days ago, opened my fridge this morning and the container looked it was strawberry soup with chunks of strawberries! YUCK!
I threw out majority of the strawberries, but I wasn’t about to let my hard earned money that I spent on the fu… um strawberries to go to waste 🙂

Smoothies are an excellent way to get your fruits and veggies, and I LOVE that you can experiment experiment experiment. FUN!

mmm refreshing and filling!

Enjoy your summer!
bye bye July 🙁
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