5 years ago, August 2005 – I was in a relationship and my then boyfriend decided to buy a dog for us.  Ophelia was the love of my life… and by December, we had also adopted her brother Jacob.  There were no words.

Then of course, we broke up and I left with pieces of my heart and my dog Jacob. 

For the past 5 years, I have borrowed so many puppies and babysat all sorts of dogs so that Jacob can have someone to play with. So finally, I decided to take the plunge and welcome Brooklyn to our little family. She is just a little baby right now but one day, I see Jacob and her running through hiking trails together with me in the Californian mountains!

Lots to look forward to! I am excited and feel tremendously blessed.  A lot of people told me that 2 dogs is hard and it will be too difficult and threw 100 what ifs at me. What if you lose your job, what if you move, what if you meet a guy with a cat etc… The truth is, it is NEVER a good time to get a dog. You obviously have to be realistic and prepared for what is involved but there is no great time to make these changes unless you want to and look forward to. I love and enjoy having Jacob as a part of my life. We exercise together daily and he has taught be about spiritual success and auras and attitude. Because of him, I have met many work and personal contacts.  I know that what I give to Jacob is not comparable to all that he has given to me.  I am so excited to see all I can learn from Brooklyn. 

The Self Approved person hears all points of views but takes their own advice & knows their dreams are real. 

My dream is to be able to buy a house in California or Toronto in 2 years time and have a yard.  My dogs will come with me and travel and enjoy every since day of my adventurous life, rain or shine, thick or thin. One day at a time.
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