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    National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

    October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and Jenna Fernandes, CEO of CareBooker.com , the “Open Table” of family and pet care services, knows how important dogs are in the family. As a parent to her two dogs—a Min Pin named Scooby and Great Dane named Casper— Jenna offers 5 tips for adopting the right dog for any family (or even adding a second one!):


    1)                  Make Sure You are Really Ready: Adopting a pet is not a decision that should be taken lightly. It’s important to realize that adoption is a commitment to taking care of the dog you choose for their entire life – through sickness and health, chewed shoes and “accidents” on the carpet. Only after you’ve decided that you can commit to being a lifelong (for the pets lifespan) pet parent, then you should continue on your quest to find the perfect furry mate.

    2)                  Stay Open-minded: Make sure that the type of dog you think you want and the type of dog you really need are the same. Many people think adopting a puppy is ideal, however adopting a puppy can be a lot more work than adopting an older pet. Stay open-minded about which breeds will make an ideal companion and take into consideration other traits such as temperament, energy level, and health. If allergies are a concern in your family, you should also consider adopting a dog that does not shed or a dog with shorter hair.

    3)                  Do Your Research: Petfinder is a great place to start your search for a new pet—I recommend starting with a local search so you can visit the shelter in person to communicate with the shelter staff/volunteers about what you really want in a pet. Take several of your favorite dogs for a walk and see how they behave outside the cage, providing them crucial time to normalize so you can get a better idea of their personality beyond the initial “I’m so excited to be outside my cage!” moment.

    4)                  Consider Fostering First: If you’re not sure what type of dog you’re looking for, fostering is a great option.  Not only does fostering pets save lives it’s also a great way to get to know a pet over a longer period of time than you would if you just visited the shelter. Many foster pets become “foster failures” after being adopted by the families who were originally only planning to provide them a temporary home.

    5)                  Meet the Family: Before you adopt, make sure all the stakeholders in your life meet the pet you’re interested in making a permanent part of your family.  This includes any other animals in your family such as dogs or cats who will be living with this new addition. Understand that there will be an adjustment period when the dog first moves in. After this, it’s time to make the adoption official and be on your way to a happy life with your new furry family member.

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    Nation’s Largest Pet Services Company Partners with Freedom Service Dogs to Raise Funds for Training of a Service Dog

    (New York, NY – December 14, 2011) – Camp Bow Wow, the nation’s largest pet services company, in conjunction with its non-profit organization, the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation, announces the launch of “Operation Freedom Tail,” a philanthropic initiative aimed at raising funds for Freedom Service Dogs. Through the efforts of Camp Bow Wow’s numerous Colorado franchises, the company hopes to raise enough funds to pay for the training of a service dog which will be paired with a Colorado-based disabled Veteran.

    Freedom Service Dogs works exclusively with shelter dogs, therefore giving second chances to both the dog and its Veteran partner. With the increase in the number of Veterans returning home from military endeavors, there is a greater necessity for Service Dogs than ever before; the number of Veterans with disabilities in the United States is currently estimated at 5.5 million.

    Dan, a Vietnam Combat Veteran diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will be matched with a Service Dog being trained with the funds raised by Camp BowWow. Dan has been struggling with PTSD for over 40 years. Recently, he met a few Veterans who are also living with PTSD, all of whom had been paired with Service Dogs. Hearing their stories and learning about the positive results that the Veterans are experiencing each day with their furry companions has inspired Dan to become involved with Freedom Service Dogs in order to positively counter his affliction.

    Camp Bow Wow is accepting cash donations to “Operation Freedom Tail” between December 15, 2011 and April 15, 2012 via the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation Websitewww.bowwowbuddies.com, or at any of the Colorado Camp Bow Wow locations. The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation will also be matching funds dollar-to-dollar up to $10,000 of the total funds raised.

    “We are excited for Camp Bow Wow to be part of the Freedom Service Dogs program,” said Sharan L Wilson, Executive Director of Freedom Service Dogs. “It is highly significant to have such an influential pet services company help with this initiative – not only to raise money for training a service dog for a Veteran, but also bring awareness to the program itself.”

    “We are proud to launch ‘Operation Freedom Tail’ to help raise funds and awareness for Freedom Service Dogs and the meaningful work of this organization,” said Heidi Ganahl, CEO and founder of Camp Bow Wow and Home Buddies by Camp Bow Wow. “We believe that through our efforts, we will help to create a life-long friendship between the trained dog and Veteran, while helping a shelter dog find a wonderful home!

    For additional information about Freedom Service Dogs and its disabled Veteran program, please visit: http://www.freedomservicedogs.org/programs-disabled-vets/operation-freedom-disabled-vets/

    For additional information about Camp Bow Wow or to find out about Camp Bow Wow and Home Buddies’ military discount, please visit: www.campbowwow.com, friend us onFacebook, or follow us on Twitter.

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    (SPBR) Extra

    One of the readers emailed me this week and said, I can’t have a dog but how can I help?  This is a reality for many people. There are tons of ways you can help rescue animlas even if you cannot actually own a dog!  Here are some ways I thought of!

    1. Get some stuff! – Calendars, cookbooks, water bottles, stickers…

     2. Wear something with a message – http://www.forever21.com/ Charity Shop

    3. Tell your friends! http://www.petfinder.com/
    PETCO National Adoption Weekend January 15 & 16

    PETCO has found homes for over 2.8 million homeless pets. On Jan. 15 and 16, we’re partnering with local adoption groups to host a weekend of adoptions to help find loving homes for even more pets nationwide! Visit your local PETCO to meet adoptable pets in your area. Visit petco.com/adopt for a store near you and details.

    Iams: Thanks to Iams, rescue groups can post videos of their adoptable pets on Petfinder — helping more pets get adopted.

    PetFirst Healthcare is helping shelters and rescue groups by offering discounted pet insurance for every cat and dog they adopt out.

    Merial gives the Petfinder.com Foundation up to $1 million a year for disaster relief for homeless pets through its Paws to Save Pets program.

    BISSELL: For discounts on pet products, cleaning tips, contests and more, sign up for the BISSELL We Mean Clean


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    (SPBR) Angel + 12

    Starting in 2011, I am going to be actively be posting for various rescue organizations. The first is Smiling Pit Bull Rescue group – Eric is amazing and doing tons to save the lives of dogs who bring joy to those around them. Here is the first story of Angel… A Christmas Miracle and her 12 puppies. Please Tweet this, Like it below and help spread the word.  You guys all know how much I love Jacob <3 having a dog actually brings out the best in you.  Here is her story.

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    5 years ago, August 2005 – I was in a relationship and my then boyfriend decided to buy a dog for us.  Ophelia was the love of my life… and by December, we had also adopted her brother Jacob.  There were no words.

    Then of course, we broke up and I left with pieces of my heart and my dog Jacob. 

    For the past 5 years, I have borrowed so many puppies and babysat all sorts of dogs so that Jacob can have someone to play with. So finally, I decided to take the plunge and welcome Brooklyn to our little family. She is just a little baby right now but one day, I see Jacob and her running through hiking trails together with me in the Californian mountains!

    Lots to look forward to! I am excited and feel tremendously blessed.  A lot of people told me that 2 dogs is hard and it will be too difficult and threw 100 what ifs at me. What if you lose your job, what if you move, what if you meet a guy with a cat etc… The truth is, it is NEVER a good time to get a dog. You obviously have to be realistic and prepared for what is involved but there is no great time to make these changes unless you want to and look forward to. I love and enjoy having Jacob as a part of my life. We exercise together daily and he has taught be about spiritual success and auras and attitude. Because of him, I have met many work and personal contacts.  I know that what I give to Jacob is not comparable to all that he has given to me.  I am so excited to see all I can learn from Brooklyn. 

    The Self Approved person hears all points of views but takes their own advice & knows their dreams are real. 

    My dream is to be able to buy a house in California or Toronto in 2 years time and have a yard.  My dogs will come with me and travel and enjoy every since day of my adventurous life, rain or shine, thick or thin. One day at a time.
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