Thomas Sabo for HeyDoYou

Lauren from Faulhaber PR sent us some juicy information on a hot international jewellery line; Thomas Sabo. A unisex line, with “an astonishing sensitivity for the material, love of detail and a sixth sense for design and trends.” the company is successfully “erasing” the line between jewelery for men and jewelery for women.
Have a looksie at some pieces from various Thomas Sabo collections.

Fall 2009 Collection

To this end, we have created an inspiring juxtaposition, a successfully-diverse presentation – in a nutshell: a whole world for fashionistas to choose from. “

Sterling Silver Collection: Top quality designs, crafted in the finest materials from detailed 925 sterling silver to hand-cut zirconias. Themes range from rebel to floral to seduction.

Charm Collection: Intricate, whimsical charms with sophistication that can be attached to simple sterling silver chains or bolder crystal bracelets. With themes ranging from rock n roll Disney, they are a perfect alternative to the vintage Carter Disney Collection. AND their more affordable!
The 925 Sterling Silver pieces are adorned with hand-cut and hand-set zirconia stone; producing gorgeous pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and more! Pieces that maintain the highest demands in terms of aesthetics and quality.
The Thomas Sabo line is sold in exclusive stores throughout Europe, Asian, America and North America. His collection is a “refreshing alternative to the established luxury jeweller brands.” I know some people love to drop $200,000 on A CHAIN, but with that money I’d rather get me some Thomas Sabo jewelery, do a lil shopping, and bank the rest!

How do you guys feel about this line?
Cool Fact: The interior décor of each Thomas Sabo store is re-vamped each season to reflect the current collection.

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