Sentimental Sunday: How To Spend The Long Weekend Alone

Whether you’re celebrating July 1st or July 4th, I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend with great company. But I’m sure that not everyone gets to run out of the city and chill at the cottage. If you’re like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (or Yvonne Kai, soldiering it out in NYC) and spending an awesome weekend apart from your boo, here are some ways to deal:

1. Host A Party: To keep your mind away from your personal life, busy yourself as the host for your family or friends. It keeps the focus away from you and you get to surround yourself around people you love.

2. Get Some Fresh Air: Whatever you do, don’t stay home. Take a walk and enjoy the great weather this weekend and talk to some strangers! Who knows, you might meet your next best friend.

3. Grab A Bite: Take yourself out of the ‘cooking for two’ mentality and indulge in some street food! Who cares about getting bloated, no one (important) is going to see it!

4. Do Some Exercise: Spend some time working on yourself — although you might not have chosen to have all this space, make the best of it and give yourself some TLC. You’ll also feel super sexy when you reunite with your special someone!

The trick isn’t to make yourself so busy you can’t think about your lover. You end up burning out and all you end up thinking about is what you could have done instead of the mindless activities you busied yourself with all weekend. Take some time to yourself for a change and embrace being alone. It’s not all that bad!

How would you spend the long weekend alone?

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