New Movie: Young Adult Starring Charlize Theron


Last week, I got the chance to go to the Young Adult premiere in Hollywood. The stars of the Paramount movie include Charlize Theron, Patrick Wilson, and Patton Oswalt. IMDb describes the movie as:

“Soon after her divorce, a fiction writer returns to her home in small-town Minnesota, looking to rekindle a romance with her ex-boyfriend, who is now married with kids.”

This is a must see movie! I’m a huge Charlize Theron fan and this movie made me love her just that much more. The plot line isn’t like every other movie involving love where there’s a disgustingly repulsive “happy ending” THANK GOODNESS. I think if I say much more i’d probably end up spoiling the movie. I will say there are a bunch of hilarious, memorable quotes from the movie i’ll never forget. Take a peak at the trailer below.

Young Adult comes out in theaters Friday, December 16th! Hope you love as much as I do!

xo, June 🙂