@GossipGirl Recap: Cross Rhodes

Of course, Blair (Leighton Meester) and Serena (Blake Lively) are having some friendship problems after the whole kiss with Dan (Penn Badgley) thing on Valentine’s Day (ouch!). So in efforts to make amends, Blair suggests spending the day with Dan to prove that they’re ‘just friends.’ She says, “Friends aren’t afraid to be around together or feel awkward together.” Can anyone else smell disaster? Blair shows up and acts like a total weirdo next to Dan as they watch a theater group perform Dan’s book, Inside. Lola asks about the kiss between Dan and Blair and they demonstrate their not-so-passionate kiss right as Serena walks into the room. We get it, Blair. You’re totally lying to yourself.

On another note, Chuck (Ed Westwick) is on a mission to get back at Dan for kissing Blair (again and again). His totally overdone rich-boy charm is easily wooing Dan’s nerdy booking agent, Alessandra. It’s disgusting how pathetic how insecure and desperate she is, but of course Dan’s sequel book gets sent straight to the publishing house and through Chuck’s meddling is now up for plagiarism. Speaking about plagiarism, the real Charlotte Rhodes follows Gossip Girl’s tip to the hospital to check on grandma CiCi. Carol doesn’t know what to do when put on the spot and tells everyone Lola is her daughter. Well, wasn’t that easy? After all that hard work Ivy is finally getting the boot. A little uneventful for the amount of drama she’s created, if you ask me.

The feud between Dan and Chucks gets hotter. Dan isn’t stepping down, even with the threat of losing his book deal and being called a plagiarist on page 6 thanks to Chuck’s status and money. “You see, you can’t win against me, Humphrey. You can’t even compete.” As much as Blair’s professed her love for Chuck, post-wedding it looks like Dan’s right — Chuck is seriously threatened because Blair just realized the little Brooklyn misfit has been there for her this entire time. Regardless if she accepts this or not, there’s still way too much to lose.

Xoxo, @missamandachen