Alessi at @Scavolini_Soho “Italy Comes Alive!”

Last week, I attended the delicious final event of the “Italy Comes Alive!” series. Sweet samples created by Tarallucci & Vino’s Chef Riccardo, made with Baci Perugina chocolates were served up to guests along with bubbly.

I’m one of those rare women who isn’t really into chocolate, but these desserts were so luscious and delectable that I had to keep myself from making loud “mmm” sounds with each bite!

The event was held at Alessi at Scavolini Gallery Soho, where the fully-functioning, high-end kitchen displays were used for preparation and a cooking presentation.

If you missed “Italy Comes Alive!” it was a series of events celebrating Italian style in partnership with Peroni and Baci Perugina, and featuring collaborations with Del Posto executive chef Mark Ladner as well as Tarallucci & Vino, all held at the Scavolini Soho Gallery.