Eyeshadow Palette from @GiselleCosmetic

Looking for an eye shadow quick fix? Giselle Cosmetics is the solution! With their perfectly matched 8-in-1 eye shadow stack of complimenting mineral shadows, Giselle Cosmetics Mineral Make-Up embraces the challenges that all beauties face. We all know that mineral makeup has endless benefits, but I especially like the look and feel of Giselle Cosmetics on every skin-type!

  • Oily Skin: There are no oils to clog pores or make skin look shiny, thus allowing the skin to breathe. Use of this color cosmetic pallet will give you a lot of choices.
  • Dry Skin: Giselle Cosmetics uses no talc so makeup won’t settle into the tiny lines and wrinkles that can make your skin look old and dry.
  • Sensitive Skin: There is no fragrance, no fillers, and no chemical dyes to irritate your skin.
  • Youthful Skin: Giselle Cosmetics provides sheer, beautiful, youth enhancing coverage without the “made-up” look.
  • Mature Skin: Giselle Cosmetics contains mica, which is a natural light reflector, giving the skin a youthful, healthy glow.
  • Sun Sensitive Skin: Giselle Cosmetics utilizes the mineral Titanium Dioxide to provide natural sun protection as an SPF 15. Virtually all skin types, colors, and ages will benefit from the beautiful, natural approach to a flawless looking complexion.

Made from 100% pure mineral powder and mica color, Giselle make up can be used as eye shadow, lip color, eyeliner, blush, shimmering tan, shimmering foundation, body bronzer, nail polisher, and hair lightener — a great addition to any cosmetic collection.

I first saw Giselle Cosmetics at IMATS in NYC, and the ‘Las Vegas’ stack immediately became my go-to palette. With eight colors ranging from bright emerald greens and blues, to a natural beige highlight, Giselle Cosmetics really took the guesswork out of creating the perfect palette. Also, the stacks are interchangeable, so, if you’re a neat freak like me, you can color-code the stacks and order the shadows in whatever way works for you!

What I love most about the shadows is that their ultra fine loose mineral powers are great for blending, super bright, and they’re true to their color. Try mixing the shimmer shadows with aloe or any other gel moisturizer to get that runway foil effect!

Giselle 8-in-1 eye shadow stacks are available for purchase on their website for $14.97. There are 12 sets of 8 in the collection.