50 Calorie Mini Wraps from La Tortilla Factory

This summer La Tortilla Factory is “Mini”-mizing the effort to eat light and fresh, with their new Smart & Delicious Soft Wrap Minis. At one-third the size of traditional wraps, not only are they lower in fat and calories, their size inspires smaller portioned meals and snacks – perfect for lighter summertime fare!  They are only 50 calories each and loaded with fiber (4 – 6 grams each) and flavor, Soft Wrap Minis are super versatile and great for: tacos and fajitas, grilled quesadillas, pizza crusts and wrap sandwiches!

I made Queso Fundido!

Hot off the tortilla presses and available nation-wide this spring, Soft Wrap Minis come in five delicious varieties: White Whole Wheat, Honey Oat, Fiesta, Multi-Bran and Three Seed.

La Tortilla Factory prides itself on making “better-for-you” tortillas with quality ingredients, superior taste and texture and no trans fat.  The Soft Wrap Minis are just the newest addition to the family of healthy wraps and tortillas, including:

Whole Wheat 100 Calorie tortillas: loaded with 8 grams of fiber & Omega-3 rich

Low Carb High Fiber tortillas: voted “Best Tortilla For Women” with 52 percent of the recommended daily value of fiber in one tortilla!

Fiber and Flax Corn tortillas: Easy-to-use, naturally gluten-free corn tortillas with the added benefits of fiber and omega-3 rich flax – only 45 calories per tortilla!

Hand Made Style Corn tortillas: Mix of corn and whole wheat flour create easy-to-use tortillas that are high in whole grains with great taste and texture

Extra Virgin Olive Oil SoftWraps: Great tasting wraps with added health benefits of EVOO – plus they’re packed with fiber and low in calories!

Yum! Can’t wait to use these wraps to make more low-calorie lunches this summer


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