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One of the coolest perks that comes along with hours of blogging is trying out new gadget!  When I was in Michigan, I met Christi and she told me all about the Windows Phone.  Being dual platform myself – I use a PC at home and a MAC at work. I have used Palm Treos, Blackberries, and iPhones.  I am not at all impartial to any brand and so I tried the Samsung Focus 2 which runs on Windows Phone o/s (operating system) with service by AT&T.

There are 5 things that I love about this phone:

1. I love the graphics. The graphics are HUGE and I don’t have to squint at all. The text is large and clear and the pictures are sharp and the resolution beats any phone I have used.  The ONE glance feature allows you to see if you have any emails, text messages, tweets all in one glance. You don’t have to check each app individually. Very cool.

2. I love it’s shape. It is slim, light and perfect. It has a curved edge for easy palming and the buttons are not hard to press and the touch key pad is very responsive. 

3.  I love how it syncs. I have over 5000 emails and phone number contacts between my Gmail, my Facebook and my Phonebook. This phone synced it all up and when I click someone’s name it allows me to contact them in every which way I desire in one touch. It can map their office or home address, it tells me their birthday, it tells me if they updated on social media. That is awesome.

4. It saves me time!  This phone shows me all the notifications in one screen. When I click it, it leads me to respond directly. It happens in lightning speed and there is no lag time at all. Did I mention the battery seems to last forever!

5. I love the camera. There is a camera button, there is a photo edit tool. It easily uploads to Twitter, Facebook or as MMS. So cool.

Overall I am totally surprised that I did not know more about the Windows Phone and playing around with it made me love it so much more. It is easy to get use to and a great alternative if you are tired of your current phone.  I highly recommend it!

If you want to try a Windows Phone – Tweet, Give my phone a break and take it easy with @WindowsPhone

 More info on www.windowsphone.com


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