Sexy Fragrance Mist @OfficialCalgon


Back to school…fall is here…new looks & fashion trends…maybe a new you? Take a look at these –

I love to buy fragrances and I love how a certain smell can relate to you. I definitely am open to trying new ones too so I was glad to have the opportunity to check out several, delicious mists by Calgon.

Calgon Enchanted Embrace is perfect for a night on the town. It’s part of the Sensual Collection with warm vanilla, lush peony and purple passion fruit. Don’t just listen to me though, this is great for during the day as well.

I also got to try out a cute trio of mists that can make a great affordable gift. The Sensual Mist Gift Set is also part of the Sensual Collection. It includes Flirty Tease, Angelic Kiss, and Femme Inferno.

Flirty Tease has a mix of sparkling red currant, orange blossom, and exotic Egyptian jasmine. Angelic Kiss is a creamy blend of golden bergamot, mandarin zest with an oriental floral heart. Last but not least, Femme Inferno is described as having an elixir of pink pepper, vivid bergamot and lily of the valley. These three are Calgon’s best-selling fragrances so it’s definitely worth trying.

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PS: I’m going to rotate the 2oz bottles in my purse – they’re a perfect size to carry around!