Make the Boho Chic Look Work for You

Whether you were alive in the ’70s or not, you’re probably well aware that the bohemian look is back, although revamped. Today, you’ll see boho chic styles on many celebrities and big names in the fashion world, and it’s a great look for you to try as well. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy flowing skirts, maxi dresses, flared jeans, and fun scarves? Give the style a try with some of these quick tips.

1. Opt for lightweight fabrics. You can layer them, or pick pieces with tons of layers already built right in, but the clothes you choose should have a light, flowing appearance. If you choose dresses and want to show off your shape rather than disappearing, a woven or weathered belt is a great addition. In cooler weather, a pair of flared jeans or corduroys provides that extra warmth while still fitting right in with the style.

2. Learn how to wear vests. These layering pieces are perfect for fighting the chill in the fall, and they fit in just right with the boho chic style. A crochet vest is classic boho chic, but if you’re feeling bolder, fur vests also mesh well with the style. Rachel Zoe is a great example of how to pull this look off as part of your overall style.

3. Enjoy finding prints you love. Perhaps the best part about the boho chic look is that the prints are so much fun. There are all sorts of color combinations available and patterns inspired by Native American looks, Asian influences, and colors and shapes from nature. Regardless of your preference, you’re sure to find looks you love, and you can always add denim to a fun boho chic piece to complete the outfit without drawing attention away from the print.

4. Pile on the accessories. Boho chic incorporates many colors, textures, and items into one outfit, so you can mix and match accessories to put together your look. Headwraps are the perfect addition to your look, as are crocheted berets. Don’t forget the jewelry, either, with distressed metal bracelets and dangling metal earrings with lots of colors and intricate designs.

5. Get some great boots. These are the perfect way to finish off any boho chic outfit, not to mention they’ll be warm and comfortable in the cooler weather. Rather than the picture-perfect black boots, opt for a slouchy style in brown or dark gray to complement your outfits without drawing too much attention to the boots. Ankle boots are fine with maxi dresses, but you’ll probably want taller ones for your other outfits.

The boho chic look is easy because once you have the components, you can put them together pretty much any way you want. Layering different pieces is all part of the look, and you really can’t go wrong. Plus, you can even get away with messy hair and just call it part of your boho chic style!