Go Bold in the Cold: Four Patterns That Make Fall Fabulous

All your favorite bold patterns from spring and summer are officially out of season now that the weather has gotten colder, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still stand out with a vibrant touch to all of your favorite outfits. Although these pieces will often have to be balanced with black, brown and other neutral shades, you can liven up the gray skies and dead leaves all around you without standing out in an overly distracting way. For some help on achieving this balance, try out the following four fashion tips.

1. Animal Print Scarves

It doesn’t get much bolder than animal print, which is perfect since this pattern is quickly becoming a staple item in every fashionista’s fall wardrobe. Animal print scarves are an effortlessly chic way to add a little color and pizzazz to any ordinary outfit, and come with unique versatility that offers plenty of opportunities for mixing and matching. For example, try tying a scarf around the waist of a long-sleeved dress or making a cute bow on your favorite handbag to add color to a basic outfit with no extra accessories neccessary.

2. Polka Dotted Tights

Tights are essential for both practical and fashionable purposes, since you can use these accessories to make your spring dresses warm enough for fall or to add a little flavor to a basic black or gray skirt. Although there are tons of fun patterns to choose from when it comes to tights–just check out Nasty Gal’s collection–polka dots are a safe realm to explore if you just want to add a fun and feminine accent to your outfit without drawing too much attention.

3. Classic Plaids

Another fun and fresh way to play it safe is by bringing plaids back onto the fashion scene with the always-stylish plaid skirt or a preppy plaid headband to maintain a subtle appearance that revives this classic pattern. Red plaids are perfect for those early days of fall where the leaves are bright and vibrant shades of crimson, gold and green; while cooler blue and green plaids may be best for those chilly overcast days.

4. Decorated Cowboy Boots

Boots have always been a must-have for fall, but this season the trend is leaning toward cowboy boots for an edgy western look that has you ready for action at any given moment. Look for boldly contrasted floral prints for the perfect girly touch on this tough-looking footwear. You can even look for brightly colored toe and trim designs to make a statement and allow for better coordination with your fall outfits.

photos via weheartit.com

Just like the brightly colored leaves against the gray sky, you can stand out with your fall wardrobe against all those who play it safe with grays and browns throughout the season. Try to equip your wardrobe with the perfect blend of neutrals and head-turning patterns, so your outfits can mix and match easily and allow you to feel cute and feminine no matter how drizzly and cold it might be. Once you’ve tried out these basic patterns, don’t be afraid to go even bolder with unconventional patterns to add a more unique touch to your style.