Makeup Mistakes Famous Bloggers Never Make


Most of us, mere mortals, are not professional makeup artists and bloggers. Therefore, we’re bound to make some mistakes. Sometimes we make them during our makeup neophyte days, during which we don’t exactly know the lay of the land. Other times, well, we simply don’t have the mad makeup skills, that gift that was bestowed upon some but not to others.

Still, there is always room for improvement, and while we may never master certain things, we can all agree that at least avoiding some of the common pitfalls is a great way to start. It takes years of practice to become the master of this now highly coveted trade, but now we get to reap the benefits as we take a peek into some of the secrets of famous makeup artists and bloggers, so let’s not wait another minute before we do so.

A combination of factors

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It’s not uncommon to get swept up by advertisements and beauty blogger recommendations when it comes to choosing your makeup products, foundation included. One of the worst things you can do for your face is to purchase a foundation that is trending without taking various factors into consideration.

First of all, there is the skin type. If you have oily and combination skin, don’t use dewy and luminous foundations as they will make you look greasy and shiny. The same goes for dry skin – matte foundations look great in photos, but when your skin is dry you run the risk of it becoming cakey and patchy and suck the moisture out of your skin. In addition to that, always choose a foundation for your skin tone – if you go darker your neck will tell the truth and it will definitely not look well. Be mindful of your undertone as well, as it plays a major role in the final look.

Now, when it comes to setting powders, don’t use them on dry skin even though they’re all the rave right now. Dry-skinned beauty KathleenLights never does as she knows better. Setting spray will suffice, so listen to your skin, not every new fad that comes along.

Not as easy as it looks

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We don’t give mascara a lot of thought as we have this notion that it’s the easiest thing to apply and there isn’t a grand philosophy behind it – and that’s where we’re wrong. The first mistake to avoid is buying a product that’s difficult to work with – you don’t need something that’s going to turn against you. Instead, the first order of business is to get a great mascara and then learn the ins and outs of getting that flawless clump-free look.

Before applying, you want to brush the eyebrows with an old (clean) mascara brush, before you make your move. Don’t pump the wand as that only serves to cut the lifespan of the product and make it dry out quicker. Now, before you dive in, always remove excess product – that is your foolproof plan for clump-free lashes for days.

Pearls of wisdom

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Wanting fuller lips is completely natural, but you know what isn’t – overdrawing them. Despite common belief, overdrawn lips are visible, and they’re definitely not doing you any favors. Instead of resorting to your lip pen in all the wrong way, listen to Make Up For Ever’s Donna Conlan – to achieve the illusion of fuller, luscious lips, simply highlight the center with a lighter tone of lipstick and add a high-shine gloss in order to maximize the effect. Also, if you have thin lips, do avoid dark shades and drying formulas as these will only make matters worse.

No white lines today, thank you


The ‘less is more’ mantra has never resonated more true than when it comes to makeup than is the case with the beloved highlighter, particularly when working with powder formulas. What all great makeup artists know, and you should too, is when you apply layer after layer the only thing you will achieve is having a white stripe across the top of your cheeks and none of the desired glow. Apply small amounts on strategic high points of the face.

The purpose of highlighter is not for it to be seen but to give you that gorgeous and subtle ‘lit from within’ healthy glow. For ultimate tips and tricks for the perfect glow, Desi Perkins is the girl to watch.

Not something for everyone

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Another hyped technique for the past few years has been contouring. One way to go about it is to avoid it altogether as it is basically on its way out. However, if you do love your contouring, do it right.

If you’ve already been blessed with great bone structure a touch of bronzer will suffice and there is no need for heavy contouring. Also, if you have a small forehead, don’t contour it at all – it will only make it look even smaller. Always pick the right shade of contour powder or stick as you don’t want to end up looking ashy or muddy. A well-framed face is amazing, but one that looks like it’s covered in war paint definitely is not.