Dating: Younger vs Older Guy Dilemma


Ah, dating. That exhausting, utterly overwhelmingly, painfully difficult and just-so-beautiful moment in life we all try to avoid (for the most part) but, paradoxically enough, rush into experiencing. The emotional drama that comes with virtually every dating scenario is just something no one can stop or predict, but a thing we all know is coming – and yet – we’re happy to do it.

Recently, the dating scene has been shifting; these days the primary discussions our dating dilemmas revolve around are pretty much reduced to two main categories – dating younger and/or older guys. And while everyone’s got an opinion on anything and everything when it comes to pros and cons of dating someone older or younger, we like to stay mute on the topic. Ha, just kidding – of course we have an opinion ourselves but unlike those debating which of the two is better, we’ll be talking about the benefits of both. Yes, we’re cool and positive like that.

Ok, so – this is where we stand on dating both older and younger guys:

Brighter, Wiser, Smarter


Contrary to popular belief, dating older men doesn’t necessarily have to mean you’ve got daddy issues – maybe you just love guys who are wise, confident and know what they want. We get it.

Forming a solid, healthy relationship with guys/men who have already had their share of relationship affairs under the belt is way easier and more appealing than jumping into a relationship with someone who still isn’t sure what they want in love and life. Older guys know what they want, how they want it and why they want it – and they are not afraid to go and get it. They understand the importance of having a partner in life and they’ll spare you the BS of “emotional distance” and “inability to commit”. You will rarely feel insecure with an older guy or be afraid of being manipulated. Maturity, self-respect, a more balanced perspective, wisdom and confidence are just a few benefits of dating older men and they always play out wonderfully for the relationship itself.

We are lead to believe relationships should be a fair game, with both parties having an equal say in things, and we partially agree. However, the actuality of relationship dynamics favors something a little bit different – having a dominant persona, and the other one that follows. In dating someone older (and wiser!) following their lead isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When things are respectful and come from a good place, why not let someone teach you things they’ve learned by their own example? Older guys do tend to be very powerful in their own right – emotionally, mentally, financially, professionally – which makes them a fantastic opportunity to learn from, count on and look up to. Nothing beats having rational, intellectual and emotional support on daily basis, does it? Yes, youth is an unparalleled advantage; but age – age is a work of art. When they are healthy, relationships make for a fantastic support system: dating an older guy is definitely beneficial in more ways than one.

Young is fun and exciting


As Aristotle observed it, “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference” – and they do. Not every young individual is haste, abrupt and intolerant to stability but most of them are, and – for some, that’s what’s getting their juices flowing.

Younger men are chill, fun and always up for a challenge; they love to experiment, try new things and push the envelope. They’ll probably have you in bed for hours and be up for satisfying you at any moment in a day (who’s complaining?). When dating someone younger than you, you’ll feel like you are of that age again – only you’ll be having all the life’s wisdom to back it up.

Although not many young men know what they want, they do know their destination is out there and they are willing to pursue it. There’s something just too exciting about a young, ambitious guys chasing their dreams with an unmatched focus and commitment, isn’t there? With a younger guy, you are given the opportunity to directly or indirectly shape them into the best version of themselves, help them understand themselves and experience life in ways unimaginable to them.

Younger guys have a very Millennialesque mindset – unlike the older generations who loved their gender division where they can see it, younger man tend not to have any gender-role rules that would potentially work against the relationship. From washing the dishes and cooking a meal to letting the woman have a final say, these guys are relieved of gender prejudice – and living in such an atmosphere is simply uplifting.

Depending on the place in life you yourself are currently at, choosing between an older and a younger guy will come naturally. Both have their benefits for sure but the important thing is to find someone whose soul recognizes yours – no matter how old they are. Good luck!