So I’ve had thee worst case of writers block, or as Cahill would call it “blog choke” lol. Okay, no not really, that’s impossible as there’s tonnes of stuff that I’d like to share with you guys. As I’m back in school full-time, and just started a new full-time job (yay!), my time’s been kinda limited; but it’s all good I’ve handled it. I honestly didn’t wanna bore you guys with just anything, there’s nothing worse than reading a piece you know is a “filler” on a blog lol (i’m jus sayin, this is not a shot at anybody lol). I just like to put effort in everything I share with you guys, giving you an experience through my words and pics… 🙂
A lot has happened in the last week, but I’d rather give you guys some current ish, so stay tuned… B’s Back In Action baby!
*big red kisses!*