Bye, Bye, Bye – Vanish @MiracleSkin

Jackie and I were both invited to attend Sarah McNamara’s webinar for her newest product ‘Vanish’, part of her Miracle Skin Transformer line. I switched it up this time with a video review, which is my first ever so hopefully it won’t strain you guys out too much!


Check out Miracle Skin Transformers at a Nordstrom or Sephora near you!

Some more goodies-to-know on ‘Vanish’:

–          Does NOT cause breakouts! +++++++

–          Naturally dry silicon that goes on super smooth

–          Natural ingredients! +++++ (lupin, vitamin E, vitamin C, grapefruit)

–          Time saving +++

The primer works instantly to reduce the appearances of fine lines and pores as well as smoothes out your skin for a longer and overall smoother base for your foundation / bb cream.

With 8 weeks, the serum can help lighten your scars, dark spots, sun damage or environmentally stressed marks!

Definitely get a sample or try it out whenever you have the time! And while you’re there check out her ‘Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal Eye and Face’ and ‘Miracle Skin Transformer Face SPF 20’!

Take a look at their website to see what else they have, as well!

P.S. – In the video, I thanked Amanda(CrierPR) for inviting me to the chat but when I recorded this video, I wasn’t aware that Jackie was also reviewing it so,
CORRECTION: Thank you for inviting Jackie and I, Amanda!