Layering Isn’t Just for Clothes: Four Tips for Making a Statement with Layered Jewelry

When the temperature drops, every practical fashionista knows to layer on her favorite sweaters, blazers, coats and scarves to stay warm and in style. Although this kind of layering is more or less instinctual–even though there are several fashion rules to consider in the process–layering jewelry is also a fun fashion opportunity that can complement any multi-dimensional outfit. Since bulky winter wear doesn’t often give you the opportunity to accentuate your feminine form, you can give your look that girly touch by following these four fashion tips for jewelry layering.

1. Brighten Up With Bracelets

In between bulky blazer sleeves and heavy gloves, you can add a little more cuteness to your cuffs by layering on coordinating links, bangles and beads on top of a sculptural cuff bracelet. This gives your style a more modern look and adds a splash of color to darker winter pieces. Try to match the colors in your bracelets with those in your scarf, blouse or other piece of your outfit, or brighten up neutral, solid tones with your favorite color combos.

2. Mix-and-Match Necklaces

Contrary to what some would say are cardinal rules of fashion, you actually can pair different types of necklaces for a bold new look. Wear chunky beaded necklaces with your most delicate chains, mix and match silver with gold, and don’t be afraid to throw in a few quirky necklaces to show off your unique personality in your style.

3. Combine Classy Elements

If you’re going for a more chic, refined look for a special occasion, try matching simple and sophisticated elements like pearls and matte metals for a subtler touch of color and texture. If you’re lucky enough to have diamonds in your jewelry box, these exquisite pieces also look great paired with pearls and dark stones like onyx for a captivating contrast.

4. Don’t Go Overboard

The point of layering jewelry is to pile it on for a dramatic look; but there is a risk of going overboard with this style. If your layers reminds you of the first time you discovered your mom’s jewelry box, you might want to consider toning it down a bit to make your look seem more put-together instead of just sloppily piled on. For example, if you want to wear five bracelets, maybe just stick to simple earrings and go without a necklace to keep your outfit from looking too loud or over the top.

Layering your clothes is great for staying comfortable and toasty during the fall and winter seasons, and layering jewelry can have a similar effect in warming up and adding life to a basic outfit. Since this technique is bold and edgy, it might take a few at-home fashion shows to get your look exactly right. But once you’ve tried on the perfect color combo and have coordinated properly with your other accessories, you’ll be ready to brave the cold feeling feminine as ever with your sparkling and shining jewelry layers.