A Merry Time @MedievalTimes

As the winter is fast approaching and it is way too cold to be outside, why not switch up your date night routine with fun at Medieval Times!  I must have driven by this place 1000 times and wondered what it would be like. For Canadian Thanksgiving, I finally had a chance to experience the 11th Century at their Toronto venue!

Once we arrived at the venue, there were full costumed greeters and they gave us all table numbers with corresponding color paper crowns and flags. We were with the Red and Yellow Knight and part of their table. Then we were seated front and center to see all the action in our color section.  Each section has their own color, knight and horse that participate in jousting games and other spectacular performances. When the knight wins a competition, he receives a carnation from the Princess which he will toss to the audience in his section.

The food was delicious! We had Tomato Soup in a cast iron skillet (made of plastic!) and garlic bread.  For the main course, we had fire roasted  chicken leg and ribs with potato wedges. YUMMY!  The dessert was an apple pie pastry.

The entire 2 hour event was fun and safe (they drop down nets to prevent debris or dirt to fly at you during the action parts).

What a fun way to spend time and be entertained with friends and family!

Check out where you see the action on http://www.MedievalTimes.com

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