Mighty Dog Toy: Linus the Lion (@DogTuff)

Say hi to our newest Mighty Dog Toy – Linus the Lion. A level 7 in firmness and sturdiness and the 4th contender as Jacob’s favorite toy.

Linus is the new Wally and Wally was the new Wilburr and Wilburr was the new Lenny.

1st one Lenny (Nov 2010-March 2011) 4 months

2nd one Wilburr (March 2011-Oct 2011) 7 months

3rd one Wally (March 2012-Oct 2012)7 months

Wally had seen better days

Even though Linus was $25.99 + tax (yikes) at this local West Village pet store, I know that it is Jacob’s favorite toy and he will sleep with it every night!

You can get it for a better price at www.Dogtuff.com