Out the Door in 15 Mins Flat

If you’re a girl, you’ve probably experienced that moment of panic when a friend calls to invite you to go out — tonight — and you look like you just rolled out of bed. Perhaps it’s because you did just roll out of bed, but, regardless of the reason, you need to look sharp right away. Instead of turning down the offer because you can’t get ready in time, turn to some of these quick and easy ideas to make yourself look great without spending all day on it.

Picking the Perfect Outfit

A girls’ night out is about dressing up, but also about being comfortable. You aren’t going on a fancy date (although you may end up meeting some cute guys), so you don’t need to worry too much about looking as good as you possibly can. The best outfit recipe for a girls’ night out is one pair of dark wash skinny jeans with a cute top and sexy heels. The heels automatically make the jeans look fancy, and the top is the perfect way to show off your personality. Plus, you hardly have to think about anything to find an outfit that matches!

Adding Great Accessories

Don’t forget to add some accessories to complete your outfit. Choose a chunky bracelet that matches the colors in your top or shoes and a necklace that complements the neckline of your top. Lastly, make sure to grab a purse or clutch and transfer your essentials into it. A fancy bag can make a huge difference, and you don’t want to be lugging your usual purse around when you’re out and about with the girls.

Doing Your Hair

There are two major options for how to do your hair if you don’t have time to wash and style it as you usually do, but still need to look great. First, consider an updo, which is super forgiving and makes the messy look suddenly stylish. Second, consider clip-in consider clip-in hair extensions, which are really helpful for adding volume to flat hair. Because the extensions are already styled, it’s as simple as clipping them in and giving your natural hair the boost it needs.

Adding Pizzaz with Makeup

Take a few minutes before you head out to complete your look with some makeup. Focus on high-impact areas because you’ll probably be in poorly-lit places anyway, so nobody will see the subtle techniques. Start with eyeliner and mascara, then add a touch of blush and a lipstick that will make your look really pop. If you have time, shimmery eye shadow makes it look like you really went the extra mile.

Not having enough time to get ready should never hold you back from enjoying a night out with the girls. Have some versatile clothes, accessories and styling tools on hand so you can get ready in a flash. And remember, your girls are the priority, so it’s about wearing things that not only look great, but also feel comfortable!