HCB #50: keep it in check!

Tis the season of those weird cravings… you know, the ones you get once the weather starts getting a little colder, and your appetite get’s a lil uh… CRAZY… I know you know what I’m talking about.

some like it naked…

Anyway for those of us that find ourselves wanting to indulge a lil more during the cold months, BUT are determined to keep the health and shape in CHECK during the cold season; might I suggest we reach for more delicious and nutritious options, versus “delicious” i-will-fatten-you-up options that just leave you so damn disappointed that you gave in. I’m just saying.

but a lil balsamic dressing ain’t never hurt nobody… mmm this was GOOD!!

I know a lot of people only associate having an appetizer when they’re dining out, but I find having a yummy salad before my meal usually fills me up, thus preventing me from um… over indulging… *eeek!*
Happy Cooking Lovelies and have a lovely weekend!
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