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Emily Miller started her career in makeup as commercial talent who became transfixed by the beauty and artistry created by the makeup artists she worked with. They inspired her to learn the craft and she picked up books by acclaimed makeup artists Kevin Auchoin and Bobbi Brown. As Emily tells it, “I was enamored by what they did and I wanted to do it. So I studied their techniques and I taught myself the skills that would allow me to follow my true passion.”

Since May of 2010, Emily has become a highly successful bridal makeup artist and has become the “go-to” artist women clamor to on their special day. “I adore doing weddings,” Emily enthuses. “They are thrilling to me. The event is marked by so much happiness, love, anticipation, desire, fun… there are so many wonderful emotions!”

Emily’s clientele often remark about how calm she is throughout the entire bridal makeup process and it’s a quality that has lent to her explosive success as the brides appreciate her soothing presence on an often stressful day. Emily maintains this presence throughout the process while ensuring that entire wedding parties are executed flawlessly. After the wedding, the brides are quick to recommend her. Her secret to success, she says, “rests in presenting healthy skin that enhances what is already there rather than creating something that isn’t. Everybody has a feature that stands out and I notice it and I find beauty in that feature.”

While ensuring that the best skin and makeup of her client is presented, Emily is skillful in executing every type of look imaginable, from simple to bold, and she uses only professional products and recommends airbrush makeup. Emily is the makeup artist who will make you look and feel picture perfect and flawless.

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