Jeremy Scott for Smartcar

The LA Auto show is now officially under way – kicking off the festivities last night was an incredible event hosted by smart USA featuring celebrity designer Jeremy Scott. The world premiere of a customized showcar titled smart forjeremy took place at Jim Henson studios where a vehicle with Jeremy’s signature wings was revealed to the public. And for those interested in a car like this for themselves, this car is an electric vehicle that will be available to consumers in 2013.

Adding to the event experience was a performance by M.I.A. Who lit up the stage next to the car. Some fans in the audience included Perez Hilton, Liberty Ross, Cameron Silver and ASAP Rocky.

I love the smartcar since I first saw it in Germany on my 11th Grade trip. the forglossy smart will look white with a fun fur pink interior with the license plate UNQRBT. 🙂 Unique Rabbit. Yup!