Welcome to the Jungle: 4 Fashion Tips for Wearing Animal Print

Animal print is definitely in this season, but many fashionistas are hesitant to take advantage of this new trend because it comes with a long history of tackiness. Sure, if you overload on animal print and fail to add balance and a theme to your look, you’ll probably end up looking tacky. However, there are several stylish ways to incorporate this unique pattern into your wardrobe without taking it too far. For some helpful advice on achieving the perfect balance of animal print in your wardrobe, take note of the following four tips.

1. Wear a Leopard Print Scarf Several Ways

You can’t go wrong with a pretty scarf to give any basic outfit that little something that stands out. If you’re not quite ready to go all out with an animal print dress or blouse, start small by wearing a simple, yet funky leopard print scarf over a black top and basic blue jeans. A pair of simple earrings can help further tone down the animal print effect. This will give your everyday outfit an extra level of pizzazz without going overboard. Scarves are also conveniently versatile, so you can wear it around your waist, tied to your handbag or even over your head for windy or rainy weather.

2. Pair with Gold or Silver

Gold and silver jewelry and accessories can really accent animal prints without appearing too flashy. For example, you can liven up a zebra print cardigan with silver bracelets and silver earrings or add fun flavor to a tiger striped blouse with a charming gold necklace and a gold watch. This pairing not only adds more edge to your image, but also has a tendency to tame animal prints in a classy and sophisticated way.

3. Bring Attention to Your Waistline

It’s no surprise that animal prints tend to attract attention, so why not direct that attention toward your waistline by tailoring a loose dress or blouse with a skinny snakeskin waist belt? Waist belts are already very flattering for your figure by emphasizing your curves, and animal print takes this flattery to the next level by allowing the eye to immediately be drawn toward your waist. This is sure to attract attention in all of the right ways, without a loud look that leads the eye all over the place.

4. Start From the Bottom

Animal print shoes are a subtle, yet quirky way to finish off your outfit with a hint of vibrant style. From leopard print loafers to snakeskin heels, these feisty finishing touches are great for pairing with anything from a cute button up and slacks to your favorite little black dress. With this essential fashion tip, you can add more fun to your shoe collection and transform your most basic outfits into runway-ready combinations.

The main trick when it comes to wearing animal print the right way is just to be cautious and start off small. Although some fashion icons have gone the bold route with tons of animal print, it’s usually safer and more stylish to top off your outfit with animal print accessories. However, you can also tame a fun animal print blouse with muted or bold solids to offset the drama of the pattern and have the best of both worlds.