Vampire Lust and Sexual Longing


A curious trend in the adolescent world… When one thing goes to an extreme, there is always a tilt to the other side. With crazy overtly sexual pop stars and free porn all over the internet – the new generation is going towards purity and abstinence. Longing is one of those things that makes the fruit sweeter. But really?

The parallel can be fame. You work so hard everyday to get to your dreams but you don’t think about what happens after that. What happens when you leave happily ever after. When you are billboard Top 1 then what? Is longing what makes something great?  Is the prize really not even that worth it? 

All my life, I thought about living in New York. Now I am here – So now what?  The longing and desire to reach your dream is what makes it so amazing. Is it one of those things where the journey is better than the destination?