Smelly Little Oil Company by @DonnaChisholm1

I first heard of aromatherapy and using essential oils back in 2009 when a really good friend of mine talked about oregano oil on the bottoms of her feet. I have always been open and interested in alternative and eastern medicine when the cure all ‘Tylenol’ doesn’t help at all. I am so happy to come across this book by Australian aromatherapist Donna Chisholm’s book “The Smelly Little Oil Company”.

With really adorable illustrations, to the point explanations and when to use what – This is a great resource for anyone who is new to oils. What a great way to get kids to understand that nature has a solution to a lot of our problems!  My favorites include tea tree oil, peppermint oil, lemon oil and there are a few new ones in the book I will try like black pepper oil.

Instead of teaching children to reach for a chemical pill when their head hurts, why not have them ask for some lavender and peppermint? If they are angry or upset, surely it is a good thing to burn some oils to help with their emotional healing. Enter, The Smelly Little Oil Company. The oil characters in this book are here as a guide to educating children on aromatherapy and about what the different oils do and how they interact with other oils, from a view that children can understand. True aromatherapy for children!