L designed by Linda Lundström

On May 9th in Toronto, Stuart Knight brought together ten speakers to each talk for ten minutes about the most important things we should know before we die. Fashion designer Linda Lundström was one of the speakers and I had the chance to ask her a couple of questions.


Linda Lundström is no stranger to fashion and after many years in the industry, a few up and downs, Linda started her new line “L designed by Linda Lundström” in 2012.

What are your favourite colours and fabrics this season?

“I am really enjoying working with leather right now and jersey knit. Frankly there’s too many colours to choose from but sometimes a break from colour is good too. I like using white, ivy, a bit of black, cream in a tableau.”

What do you think of trends?

“I get told about trends from my daughter who is a fashion writer and as a designer you can drive yourself crazy trying to follow others and trends. Thankfully, I have gotten to a point in my career where I trust my instincts and sometimes it allows you to be ahead of trends.”

What advice can you give to young aspiring designers?

“I teach a class at George Brown and I often get asked about this. I would say to young designers to really let the fabrics and materials tell you where to take an idea and what to do with it. Feel the materials and fabric and let them be the guide of what to make. And also, do weight training, because fabrics come in really heavy rolls and it is so important to be physically capable of working with it.”

For more information about L designed by Linda Lundström check out www.designedbylindalundstrom.com and for more about the Top Ten Event take a look at www.toptenevent.com